5 essential tactics to get your B2B link Building plan in place

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Marketing in today’s era is all about forming relationships and oozing authority. The brands and companies boasting the most repeat customers have their name etched on the list of most credible companies (I meant the list on the minds of the consumers) and of course, you know what that means!

For B2B Companies, one of the most successful ways to achieve that is – High-quality content. But is that enough? Unfortunately, No.

B2B is short for Business-to-Business. It’s a business model in which a company only sells to other companies (not individual consumers).

Quality content is NOT enough!

If you feel that producing high-quality content will suffice, no it will not – you need something extra to provide it the needed authority. And let’s admit it, B2B is all about AUTHORITY and including relevant links in your content would help you establish that,

Other than the content you post, other aspects also play a major role to justify your play in the industry. First and foremost is your SEO ranking, like if you are on the 1318 page of Google, what’s the whole point of being there, do any of us really scroll through until there? And if you want to make it to the first page, let me tell you – it’s not a cakewalk. You need to have a quality link building plan in place and dig up links that Google search find relevant so that they can draw traffic to your page

By now, I am sure you would have understood the primary importance of SEO services for your B2B Company. And if you are haywire about how to begin, fret not. We are at your rescue. Here’s a list of the top 5 essential tactics to help you with the same.

  1. Establish Social Media Links

The main idea behind B2B link building is to push your rank up through the search engine pages. If you are not the first one on the list when we talk about your brand keywords, you are already losing a lot of potential clients.

Effective social media profiles are proven gambit to establish productive links. Insert your website link at appropriate places on all the social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that the audience is guided to your website once your social media content satisfies the audience. In B2B, high-quality content also attracts social shares which and the higher the social shares, the better it is. Your probability to reach authoritative publishers increases. Your strategy can be anything, the end goal remains unchanged – You need to command your presence in Google searches and try as hard as you can to make it to the first page of Google search!

You can even create an infographic for a post already published on your website blog and gather a lot of attention through social media.

  1. Grab on Guest blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is still a thing and is still one of the widely used tactics for B2B link building strategies. It can help you gauge exceptional results if put to use correctly.

But again, you need to be extremely cautious about the steps. The first step is to pick the websites that are prevalent in your niche. Also, make sure, the websites that you decide, allow you to do so in the first place. They should, in fact, also allow guest bloggers to insert their links, post high-quality content, and convey their ideas and opinions. But don’t just pick any random website, count on high domain authority and wide acceptability.

Now it’s time for you to pitch! Craft a convincing pitch composed of your organization’s USPs that complies with all the laws and regulations mentioned on the website. Staying humble never goes out of fashion, so don’t forget to follow up when you are doing guest blogging.

  1. Look out for broken links and replace them

As the subhead suggests, this technique involves a hunt for all the broken links that can be replaced with the quality content that you have created. Once you identify the links, your job is to contact the website owner and inform them about the broken links on their website and that you have a great replacement offer. You are actually doing him a favor by pointing out broken links. So, in return, he might also consider adding your link to his website in return. There are various websites and methods to locate broken links very quickly to make the process easy for you.

  1. Take up Expert Round up articles

An expert roundup article is a piece of content that consists of authority opinions or answers to some frequent questions by a professional. The number of figures this method has generated in the past has been really surprising! Here you basically interview professionals and publish their answers on your own website.

What’s so special about it? Interviewing people makes them feel good and appreciated. Also, you are giving them an opportunity to add their links to your website. In most cases, they are influencers and powerful people and there are high chances they will share the expert round-up article you just published for their audiences to read. This would ultimately boost engagement high traffic will be directed on your website.

  1. Use media and help a reporter out!

We all know the power of media and how it exercises in the corporate world. This point deals with you using the same in your favor. HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a process to provide a big database and quality resources to reporters for their stories and reports. This is a definite win-win for the both of you – you get quality backlinks and the reporters find quality coverage.

If you are signed up for HARO with several publishers, the reporters will reach out to you with a set of questions. But yes, go ahead with it only if you can provide the reporter with his desired resources, and can respond to his questions with appropriate competence and quality. If you cannot, back off right now or just don’t reply! On the flip side, doing HARO on your own can be a bit time-consuming. You’d have to send your pitch at certain times and sort through a long list of queries in your inbox every day. If you simply can’t do the nitty-gritty, you can opt for services that offer DFY Haro Links. That way, you’d be able to land high-quality links successfully even when you’re busy running other aspects of your business.

Link building for B2B Companies might not be the quickest of all. It is a long-term process that brings about long-term benefits. So be patient and keep up with the enthusiasm all throughout the journey. Some might promise you quick results but remember what comes early doesn’t stay long!