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Scale Your Cleaning Company With The Leading Cleaning Services App

Operation of a cleaning business is quite a complex thing, and the idea of a special cleaning scheduling app was in the air for a while. This app’s goal is to keep order in the workflow and provide business owners with a transparent and simple tool for management, payroll, and communication with the staff. Shifton gathered all these needs and problems and embodied their solution in scheduling software for cleaning service which you can use right now. Let’s consider what to do with it and which issues can be solved with its help.

What problems does the cleaning planning application solve?

The essence of a cleaning business is maintaining strict order and cleanness both in its customers’ premises and in the workflow. Yet, employees of a cleaning company work in the field, they are not always focused on documents and reports, and this, in turn, leads to a lack of order in human resources management routines and accounting. The results are often upsetting: an owner loses money, employees do not get proper rewards and strict scheduling, and thus, they can lose motivation and work through their sleeves.

What problems can be mitigated by applying scheduling software for cleaning service then?

  • Lack of automation in paperwork. You can automate daily checklists, reports, and forms, create them in the software and offer your employees to fill them in instantly.
  • Working hours have bad tracking. When your staff is in the field, you can hardly gather relevant info about who and where is working right now. Using a cleaning scheduling app like Shifton with built-in GPS, you can accurately track hours of work for each worker.
  • Developing a schedule when you have dozens of workers and teams is hard. When you automate it, you can easily assign shifts and service calls and flexibly manage them when needed.
  • Staying in touch with all your staff when they are not office workers is also troublesome. You can enhance internal communication by providing your employees with access to a cleaning scheduling app. In Shifton, you can send notifications and messages, exchange reports and get checklists with your employees without calling them or meeting them.
  • In cleaning companies, HR departments also face multiple challenges. A cleaning services scheduling software is a helper for HRs which streamlines human resource needs including working hours and sick days accounting, payroll, rewards and penalties, and hiring and firing processes.

If these problems are familiar to you, probably, it’s time to try cleaning services scheduling software to diminish them.

How Automation Helps Cleaning Managers Tackle Workplace Challenges

Besides being useful for a business owner or a CEO, scheduling software for cleaning services is also a great tool for cleaning managers working for them.

Automate Daily Checklists, Reports, and Forms

Day-to-day operations are a core function of efficiently running your cleaning company, therefore checklists and reports are commonly used in order to lessen friction from day-to-day activities, automate information flow, enhance response time, and build oversight. With an app like Shifton, your cleaners can instantly maintain paperwork, and they do not need to sit at the laptop after they do their main tasks. Simple submitting of ready-made templates of checklists and reports on their smartphones saves time and effort.

Accurately Track Hours

Time tracking is available on an employee’s smartphone, so time tracking and payroll sheets are much easier for you to manage accurately. With this software, you get instant information, and you manage it momentarily, including the following routines:

  • Simple clock in and out with a GPS location stamp in an app.
  • Sending automatic reminders to ensure employees are clocking in and out on time
  • Utilizing tags, shift attachments, and notes to know exactly how much time was allocated for each customer or the type of job.
  • Managing and approving leave and time off requests
  • Exporting payroll sheets, per shift, or as a total to provide accounting service with them.
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online for easy payroll processing.

Easily Assign Shifts

For dispatching and managing a service user’s calls, cleaning companies rely on the job scheduling feature to provide all the relevant information to the cleaners easily and all from one place. Making employee cleaning schedule becomes a seamless process with Shifton as with it, you can:

  • Assign cleaners for services according to various requirements and tasks.
  • Provide all relevant information including time, address, and special instructions for each location and customer to your employees.
  • Send reminders and notifications to ensure cleaners arrive on time, and also to notify the manager if someone is running late or if any emergent situation occurs.
  • Keep records of the clock-in and clock-out time and location, and enable shift notes and comments when additional information is needed to maintain streamlined communication with the staff.
  • Know when employees clock in and complete a shift and get maximum information about the completion of tasks in the form of photos and comments attached to the app.
  • Allow employees to accept or reject shifts, apply for weekdays and sick days when needed, and manage employee cleaning schedule easily.

Besides enhanced functionality, scheduling software for cleaning services offers more benefits to a manager or an owner of a cleaning company.

  • Instant access from anywhere.
  • Cloud storage for all data you operate.
  • Easy adjustment and development of document templates like checklists and reports, which can be submitted by employees instantly from their mobile devices or laptops.
  • Digital accounting of cleaning tools and detergents to supply them to the staff timely.
  • Momentary synchronization of all information and keeping it in one place with multi-level access for you and your staff.

Set up automated procedures for repetitive or important workflows

When you have repetitive procedures in your workflow, with the help of scheduling software for cleaning services, you can automate them to save time and cost and not miss anything.

  • Create automated checklists.
  • Create workflows for specific permits and approval processes.
  • Send instant notifications to ensure nothing gets missed and reduce avoidable delays.

Allow a flexible schedule

For your workers, an opportunity to get weekends and sick days online is priceless. It shows that you take care of them. With scheduling software for cleaning service, you can exchange shifts and provide changes instantly when you need it, even on the go or when your cleaner informs you about being sick late at night.

Generate cleaning reports in a single click

Each business requires relevant reporting for development and scaling up. With free cleaning service scheduling software, you can develop reports from each team member and get them instantly. Besides, you can create overall reports for your strategic goals to comprehend mistakes, praise the best workers, and develop further strategies for your company.

Payroll for hours worked. Automatic calculation

And the last thing but the most important one. Money. Your staff will be glad to have a transparent automated calculation of their salaries based on clear information about their working hours. In Shifton, for example, all these calculations are provided automatically, and they wage arrangements with overtime, allow adding bonuses and penalties, and take into account vacations and weekends. No effort from your side is required.

As you can see, maintaining order in the workflow of the cleaning company is not as scary as it seems. You can get a powerful tool in the form of free cleaning service scheduling software and apply it to streamline the whole working process with ease.