Take a Step for a Better Environment

Little actions always add up to greater value when there is an active effort, constant hard work, a big desire, and, of course, a habit. Choosing to reduce waste and manage energy in a smarter way by using green energy can bring to fruition a better environmental situation.

Sydney powered by renewable energy - Crowlands
According to Pacific Hydro: “Crowlands Wind Farm project is a renewable energy development located in Western Victoria’s Pyrenees Shire Council, 25km north-east of Ararat (205km west of Melbourne).” (Image: pacifichydro.com.au)

What is green energy? Green energy, also called renewable energy, is the energy that comes from natural sources, such as the sun, wind, and water. These energy resources are replenishable.

Smarter energy consumption and smart daily technology usage make energy consumption more efficient and cleaner. Renewable technologies are developing, and the available energy becomes more flexible and eco-friendly. One of the free sources of renewable energy is solar power, which is absolutely inexhaustible and has a huge potential to help us reduce our environmental impact.

A powerful battery

Today the leading solar battery product on the market is Tesla Powerwall. It is an intelligent battery storage system used with solar energy. The Powerwall stores the energy gathered from sunlight, and uses the stored energy during peak energy-use periods, at night, or when the weather is poor.

As a result, you become less reliant on fossil fuels and move towards a better future with zero emissions. Moreover, Powerwall enables you to use 100% renewable energy during grid outages when the power grid fails to supply electricity. So, going green is beneficial not only for the environment but also for satisfying your own needs.

Tesla is one of the most impactful companies in the environmental community. The company focuses on environmental safety and innovation, solving common problems like solar energy storage. Due to Tesla’s innovative solutions, major environmental issues may be resolved.

A growing problem

Climate change, for instance, is reaching frightening levels mostly because of the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation as well as for transportation. Annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have almost doubled over the last 50 years and reached more than 35 gigatons per year.

Climate Change - Some effects
The effects of climate change include rising seas, higher temperatures, extinction of wildlife, changing landscapes, and more heat-related diseases. The effects also include stronger and more frequent storms, land erosion, more forest fires, and economic losses.

Scientists claim that we will catastrophically impact the environment until each of us understands the importance of their actions and reduces their ecological footprint. Saving nature is also a personal responsibility, and the best way to reduce waste is by not creating it at all. To minimize plastic waste in your daily life, there are some steps you can take.

Use plastic containers for food and drinks, use natural light and fresh air instead of electrical light and conditioners, buy energy-efficient electronics and technologies, and turn off lights when no one is using them.

Turn off the water when brushing teeth, walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving, print fewer documents, recycle, use reusable bags and water bottles, plant trees, and pay bills online. Also, investing in solar panels is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint.

Following these kinds of habits, every day can create a powerful and sustainable future. When a habit sticks, you start doing the same actions automatically. This brings huge changes and impacts the environment. So investing our time in building a sustainable, clean energy future is what really matters.

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