Taking A Look At The Most Famous Board Games In 2022

Board games have a soft spot in many people’s hearts, and almost everyone has a memory of someone flipping a board game from sheer rage. Today we shall look at the most famous and popular board games in the year of 2022. Do you think your favourite board game made the list?


First up on our list is a game for conquerors! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the entire globe and its armies? Well thankfully with risk you get to live that dream without the actual horrors of war. 

In the game of risk you must battle against your friends and family and try to eliminate them or survive elimination yourself. A fairly simple game risk requires you to control certain countries on the board and look to defend and conquer other areas of the map.


No board game list would be complete without this classic. Monopoly can be one of the most enjoyable and frustrating board games all at the same time. We all have a failed monopoly story when someone can’t take it anymore and flips the board over in a fit of rage. Play the game by rolling the dice, purchasing real estate, renting it out, and cursing at the dice. 

For many people, especially those who had a childhood filled with board games, this is a standard household piece. Fan Fact Monopoly was initially created by socialists to prove that capitalism sucks, although their point didn’t come across the game did!


First appearing in 1765 Paris Roulette has become a staple board game found in casinos all over the world. Simply a wheel with 36 numbers split in black and red and one green. The aim of the game is to place a wager on where you think the ivory ball will land once the wheel stops spinning.

This super simple board game has even made its way to the online space, in fact at sites such as 32Red live casino roulette you can stream a live dealer playing the ivory ball and taking bets from millions of miles away. 

Roulette is surely a board game classic that must be played at least once in everybodies timeline.


Ready to show your art skills?

Pictionary boils down to other players guessing what you are trying to draw. Think of charades but with drawings instead of weird actions. In this game players are split into teams.

Each player on the team will have a chance to become the artist or the guesser. Artists must draw whatever the card they pick and hand them out, from there, the artists will have exactly one minute to draw said item,action or verb and the rest of the team must guess. 

If your team manages to guess your masterpiece you get to move forward on the board!

Connect Four

Almost every young person enjoys a fast game of Connect Four. To play, you and a friend just each take turns placing tokens into the game’s empty spaces. To win, make a line with four of your tokens of the same colour whether upright, horizontally or even diagonally!

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