How to Teach English in Thailand with TEFL Certification

Teaching English in Thailand is one of the most rewarding careers. New teachers list the low cost of living, pleasant weather, and relaxed atmosphere as the best reasons. A career as a TEFL teacher is often overlooked. Many assume it requires too much effort, or the barriers of entry are too difficult.

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Nothing couldn’t be more wrong than those assumptions. Demand for English teachers in Thailand has been consistently high. There are thousands of open positions each year. Beginning to teach English in Thailand starts with getting a TEFL certification.

TEFL Course in Thailand

To teach English in Thailand with a TEFL certification, you need to find a training program that offers TEFL Courses in Thailand. SEE TEFL offers an affordable TEFL course in Thailand. Most teachers find jobs teaching English within two weeks of completing the course. SEE TEFL guarantees, anyone, completing their course will be offered work within two months.

The guarantee takes out any risk to new teachers in starting in the field. The TEFL course in Chiang Mai lets new teachers observe real teaching and practice with real students of all ages. The ISO 9001 certification means the SEE TEFL program is recognized worldwide.

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Typical Teacher Salary

Factoring in the cost of living is important to understanding salary expectations. The cost of living in Thailand is far less than half the typical cost of living in the United States. Meaning a dollar earned in Thailand is more than twice the value had it been earned in the United States.

When it comes to salary for TEFL teachers. The wages depend on public or private teaching. A public school TEFL certified teacher can expect to make $800-$,1000 USD monthly. Typically work will include 40 hours per week during weekdays. Expect to have between a few weeks to a few months off each year for personal time. This schedule allows for a great opportunity to explore Thailand on larger trips. On Average class sizes will be larger with around 50 students.

Salary for TEFL teachers at private schools on average can expect to earn a salary of $3,000- $5,500 USD monthly. Private schools have more funds because they charge tuition. As a result, they can afford to pay their teachers more. Schedules can range from school to school. Some university teachers work less than 15 hours a week. Often private TEFL teacher jobs are more coveted due to the higher salaries.

Places to Teach with a TEFL Certification Training Course Completed

Teachers with a completed TEFL course in Thailand go on to teach English in any public or private school. Often new teachers will find work by going to schools in the area of Thailand they desire to live. Teaching positions are now available online making remote teaching possible from anywhere worldwide. New teachers can teach in any open TEFL position in a public or private school with a SEE TEFL course accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Starting a new career path can always be exciting. Making sure you have enough money saved up is important. Having enough to support yourself for a few months during training and looking for your first position is best.

Pricing housing options and deposits is another great way to plan ahead. Educating yourself about the local culture, by reading as much as you can let you know what to expect. It’s important to not offend those who you will be working with. If you are going to teach in Thailand you need to put in some hard work. Yet the investment needed to jump-start a teaching career is far easier than most expected. A wonderful career full of opportunities to experience a whole new world awaits.

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