Tech Giants that Grew the Most During the Pandemic

While Covid was one of the worst and the most traumatic pandemics in history, there were a ton of factors that people and businesses benefited from due to it. And one of them was the IT tech industry that not only became one of the leading industries in the world but also exploded with growth. 

The amount of success it got all these years was more than it has over the years, and that was mainly because their demand grew as things shifted from in-person to remote, and the only thing connecting people to the world at the time was technology, internet, and various technological tools. 

Consumers from across the globe went digital, and businesses started digitalizing their platforms for easier access, with cloud storage becoming the new normal during the lockdown. Some of these tech giants not only grew but contained their success even after things started to go back to the way they were. They are as follows: 


As expected, Apple became one of the top industries with soaring profits throughout the pandemic. With the new iOS launch in 2020 and the introduction of Apple’s very own Digital subscriptions of TV and music streaming services, they were on cloud nine. Apple’s profits soared to $21.7 billion in just the first 3 months of the pandemic, till June 30th. Their next-generation 5G technology on their iPhones were a major contributor to this factor.


Microsoft became an ultimate favorite because of its collaborative workplace tools which collectively combined teams that were working remotely throughout the pandemic, this enabled them to add and upgrade features on a premium level that thousands of companies utilized for their work, ranging from business software and cloud computing. Numerous companies like VentureDive also began working on custom software development for B2B mediums, enabling businesses to adapt to the new normal.


When shopping became a hassle, people moved online, and Amazon’s profit soared as it became the best online shopping service amongst other services for people to rely on during the pandemic. Not only that, their streaming video subscription and movie rental also soared with millions of dollars worth in revenue. Moreover, it hired around a million people to fulfill the demand on its e-commerce delivery platform, making it the second-largest non-government employer after Walmart. 


The already social media giant is once again a part of this list mainly because of its elaborate social media platforms and software that connected billions of people throughout the lockdown, as it was the only way for businesses, clients, and families to stay in touch with each other. Nearly 3.45 billion people used one of the 4 Facebook applications, which is greater than the recorded number from the previous year. 


The pandemic may be leveling down by now, but the growth is still moving upwards and forwards. And there may be no end to it. Luckily, this has become an inspiration for other companies to gear up on their digital platforms and create a setup to ensure zero disruption on all mediums and ends. 

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