3 Business Tech Solutions That Improve Productivity

Improve productivity image 4444If you’re an employer, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I increase productivity?” more than once. No matter what industry you work in, productivity is a major concern for every business owner. After all, you want the most engaged and dedicated employees working their hardest to make your company succeed and reach its goals.

Productivity can always be improved upon, and no matter what, there are numerous areas where you can increase efficiency in the workplace. Luckily, technology is rapidly transforming how businesses conduct their operations, and productivity is top-of-mind. Below, we go over six tech solutions you should consider to improve productivity in the workplace.

1. Time Tracking Solutions

Productivity comes down to the rate of how much of a particular project can be achieved in the shortest amount of time. With time being the key to productivity, you need to ensure your employees are using their time efficiently. One way to hold your workers responsible for managing their time is with a time tracking solution. A time tracking solution will help decrease tardiness and allow employees to track how long specific tasks take and increase efficiency in the future.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also known as “the cloud,” is where a separate computer hosted by a service provider can store your data remotely, rather than on your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing has dramatically transformed how businesses operate and now allows workers to access information from virtually anywhere.

For example, say multiple employees are tasked with writing an end-of-year business report. Years ago, they would have to crowd around one computer and pitch in ideas. Or, they would have to work on various sections alone and bring each piece together when each section was complete.

This process would take a lot of time and could lead to a variety of errors. However, with cloud computing software such as Google Drive, multiple people can work on a single document all at the same time. This increased efficiency and productivity allows employees to get more tasks done in a shorter amount of time.

3. Fleet Management

If you operate a business that utilizes a fleet of drivers to deliver products, you need to invest in a fleet tracking system. GPS fleet tracking for small businesses enables operators to communicate with drivers in real-time to streamline dispatching, keep tabs on drivers, and increase the safety of employees.

When considering telematics for your fleet, look for a tracking system that allows you to limit distractions, log and tag trips, track safety scores, and increase efficiency, to get the most bang for your buck.

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