Technical SEO in 2022 – what you have to know?

Google algorithms deciding on the order of organic results in the search engine are constantly changing and are fighting for the highest quality of the results offered. SEO activities, i.e. positioning of online businesses, must adapt to them. Of course, the foundation has not changed for years, but virtually every year brings different incentives that are gaining importance in the fight for top positions.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO means every possible action that interferes with the website architecture that will affect how Google robots understand the site. If it makes it easier for them to render, interpret, index, and finally display the page to the user, then it is effective. That’s why it’s not worth ignoring it. If you don’t feel knowledgeable enough, you can use the help of a professional SEO agency like Rank Higher Agency.


Just as a helicopter without propellers cannot hover, positioning without proper indexing cannot function. What is indexing? In short, indexing is the process of communicating a website with Google search engine robots. You simply tell the robots which information to collect and process.

It is important for robots to collect information that is useful to the search engine and users – e.g. products, categories, articles – but you do not need duplicate subpages, PDF documents, thin pages etc. This way, you only burn through the crawl budget and harm yourself.

Content duplication

An important element of the technical audit is an assessment in terms of content duplication. We are not talking about its optimization here, but about a technical problem, which is the duplication of texts inside websites.Therefore, it is worth considering how to deal with duplication and make the website fully indexed despite errors.


The file in question is simply a map of the entire site in a search engine friendly format. It contains a list of all subpages, along with the modification date and priority, which determines the order on the scan list.

The map in the form of a sitemap.xml file is a kind of “cheat sheet” for search engine robots, helping them to navigate the website. This is an important step when it comes to technical on-page SEO. It is worth including all links there, but at the same time make sure to remove any links leading to an error or redirected to a different address.

HTML semantics

In the era of semantic web, structured data plays an extremely important role. Structured data is information that describes the content of a website. In the times of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms, they will become more and more important and determine the position in search results. It is a purely technical topic, and this is also in the field of technical positioning.

SSL certificate

Safety first and foremost. A website without an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol will not gain the trust of users (who choose not to entrust it with sensitive personal data, make payments, etc.) or Google (for whom data encryption is simply a standard). That’s why an SSL certificate is a must.

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