Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the World in the Future

Technologies have brought a major change in our lives. It has a huge impact on our lifestyle, education, business, jobs, etc. So, it is imperative to know what are those technologies that will transform the world in the future.

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More importantly, students and people who are searching for jobs must understand how these technologies will be affecting job profiles. It’s important because they need to be updated to keep their job safe. If you look at history, you will figure out how technology has taken away many jobs. So, this is very important for those who are doing a job or seeking a job.

Due to digitalization and automation, there are very fewer jobs that require any physical activity. Now, let us take a look at future technologies that can change the world.

Disruptive Technologies

Technologies are making our lives better. Some emerging technologies are going to make our life more comfortable and easier. Here are the top 5 disruptive technologies for 2020

Artificial Intelligence

If you are from an IT background, then Artificial Intelligence is a great option. This is not a new technology, but the development in this field has made technology become the most popular. This is used for different purposes such as recognizing patterns, voices, etc.

Giant corporations are using this technology for analyzing data to predict future problems. It can be used in almost every industry such as medical, banking, software companies, etc. This is also used for studying human behaviors, patterns, face recognition, image recognition, etc. Learn this technology if you want to make a career in handling big data.

Blockchain Technology

This is one of the emerging technologies which brought up a significant development in the online transaction industry. In short, it offers a peer to peer decentralized network for handling transactions and data transfer. It is a versatile technology that can be used for data storing, handling, and transferring in hospitals, banking, and other industries.

However, this technology is used majorly for digital currency transactions. If you have ever heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency then you can relate to this technology. If you want more information on bitcoin and blockchain technology then visit bitcoin revolution. The demand for blockchain technology is increasing and it is going to disrupt the conventional currency market in the near future.

Virtual Reality

Are you interested in games, or animations, or videos? Virtual reality is going bring a revolution in the gaming industry and the journey has already started. This technology is trying to connect the real world with the digital world.

Apart from this is going to hugely impact the marketing industry. If you are from a marketing background or you want to bring a change in the marketing or gaming industry then virtual reality is the best option.

3D Printing

Another technology is 3D printing which has shaped the whole manufacturing industry. This technology is using CAD and 3D models to manufacture different objects very easily. It allows you to visualize the actual pattern and object digitally before the object gets manufactured.

It is mostly used in manufacturing different objects form plastics, metals, ceramics, etc. 3D printing has made the manufacturing of surgery equipment and aircraft equipment very easy. If you want to learn this technology then it can give you a bright future.


Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information on disruptive technologies for the future. The above list of technologies is going to greatly impact the future. If you want to make a career in any of the above technologies then choose one topic and make your research. Figure out what are the future scopes and how it matches with your interest. If you have more technologies to add to this list then please mention below.

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