How Has Technology Changed Gambling?

The Convenience of Gambling

As a whole, gambling is considered to be a go-to reliever of the stressors that are happening in the personal lives of others. Whether it be with work, relationships, school, etc. gambling is an activity that certain people are drawn to escape the realities of their everyday lives. Technology, just as is with gambling, is considered the same thing. An escape from reality and the everyday dysfunctional-feeling happenings that surround us.

To have two of the most successful industries in the world combine is a given. Gambling through technology gives people the benefits of having easier access on either their cellphones, computers/laptops, their tablets, etc. This makes gambling very convenient which is why online gambling is gaining popularity. For example, in Indonesia, online slots websites like Kadobet (slot online Indonesia site) are very popular.

Technology Changed Gambling
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In contrast to in-person gambling, people would be able to gamble more remotely instead of having to travel many minutes or hours to the location that they desire to visit. It is convenient and has been consistently proven that convenience is what makes activities such as gambling through technology more prominent in our society. According to, as of 2021, the statistics show that the United States is currently the second country with a net worth of $261 billion while simultaneously creating almost two million jobs, to be partaking in gambling the most behind Macau, which is located in China.

The Continuous Rise of Online Gambling and Why It Will Never Cease

Technological gambling is the wave that will never cease to stop. Just like with anything new, it has progressed further and further into something unimaginable, the main example being the popularization of having access to a cellphone. However, cellphones are not the only type of way that one could indulge in online gambling.

One technological advantage to gamble can be through virtual reality (VR), a 3D world wearing either VR headsets and/or gloves, or augmented reality (AR), an illusion that is created to gain a more positive experience. With these two, you would have the benefit of having a feel of being “in the room” without having to physically be in a casino and these have especially become more popular now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another way is through data modeling and this allows gambling companies to have the upper hand when it comes to predicting the outcome of a “gambler’s behavior”, according to an article on The European Business Review, as well as predicting what game a person could be thinking about playing next.

So, it is safe to say that the elevation of gambling through the means of technology is, without a doubt, a legacy of its own. Just to think that it started as this stress-relieving hobby where people from all around the world would gather around either a table, or sit in front of a slot machine, and would use that time wisely to pass the minutes which would then subsequently turn into hours, escaping their day-to-day lives to now where they are still inevitably doing the same thing but just from the comfort of their own home.

And it’s even more fascinating to say that the gambling industry has made sure to progress alongside the technology industry to its advantage.

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