Technology to End the Remote-Control Wars

Technology to end the remote-control wars image 4444You and your significant other love to unwind after a long day or on a rainy weekend by sitting in front of the television and watching some of your favorite shows on the television. Whether you are watching cooking shows and getting ideas of things that you could try, binging the latest seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, or you are finally getting a chance to watch a movie that you’ve wanted to see, the TV could actually be good for couples.

In fact, research has shown that sharing media can help to strengthen relationships. This tends to happen with many different types of shared activities, so it is no surprise that it is true with watching television together, as well. People can strengthen their relationships, bond with one another over the shows, and have even more to look forward to and enjoy. While television might not replace every aspect of a couple’s life, it can be a rewarding and significant part of it.

Can You Hear It?

However, problems can sometimes result, as well. This is certainly the case when one of the partners has a hearing problem and is unable to hear the television. Estimates are that around 36 million adults in the United States have some degree of hearing loss. When someone has hearing loss, it typically means they will grab the remote control and pump up the volume, so they can enjoy the show.

However, their partner, who does not have hearing loss often finds that the television ends up so loud that it becomes bothersome to them. The couple ends up no longer watching television together in the same room, which means that the closeness and bonding that they had over certain shows or films starts to diminish.

It is important to keep in mind that hearing loss does not only affect the elderly. Many people who are middle-aged and younger suffer from hearing loss, as well. This problem could be affecting couples of all ages.

Technology Could Help

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to mean the end of watching and enjoying television together thanks to new technologies on the market. Instead of trying to suffer through unnaturally loud television volumes, consider using TV hearing devices like the IQstream from Nuheara. This device has helped to improve upon the other devices that are available.

The system is a Bluetooth device that features easy pairing with an Android or iOS smartphone, allowing users to put on the included IQbuds BOOST earbuds and listen to the television through their phone. It provides high-quality sound and it has a range of up to 50’ from the device, which will sit next to your television.

Volume control is independent. This means that the actual television volume can be at one level, while the volume that is pumped into the earbuds can be loud enough to hear for those with hearing loss.

Just because one of you might be suffering from hearing loss does not mean that you need to stop watching television together. Let technology help end the remote-control wars and the battle for volume.