Telltale Signs You Need To Switch Your SEO Agency

Lots of SEO agency claim to be the best but there are chances that their activities may be hurting your website. You hired it as you found it to be reputable and reliable. You are receiving more traffic, leads and conversions. Unfortunately, there are many SEO companies in Australia and other countries that don’t measure to terms like reputable and reliable. 

Over the years SEO sector has developed a bad reputation. Today, some amateurs call themselves digital marketing experts. Some may be accidentally or purposefully not using the white hat strategies or not adhering to Google guidelines but are making you rank top.  

Experts recommend that people read reviews of SEO companies before they sign an agreement but many ignore them. In Australia, Catnapweb is an SEO expert that is committedly reliable and has 100% satisfying reviews. You can check their website to read customer reviews and switch your current SEO firm with them. 

So, what are the signs or red flags that reveal your current SEO agency is damaging your website’s reputation? 

Telltale signs you need an SEO agency switch

Clueless about what your SEO firm is doing

Quality agencies update you about their tasks achieved that includes –

  • SEO audits
  • Overview of website changes
  • Detailed work summary of tasks they performed
  • Offer performance tracking dashboard offering a real-time view of leads, conversions, and sales
  • Offer link-building report every month

They share what they do and how they do it. They are even keen to chat with their customers and make them understand the tiny details if necessary.

Don’t ask access

Good SEO experts ask for permission to access your GMB accounts, Google Analytics, C-panel, and webmaster tools. If they don’t ask for access to these key tools they cannot implement crucial strategies. It is a red flag that they are engaged in spammy practices or worst still not doing anything. 

Link building and off-page activities take time to become visible but there are content marketing and on-page tasks that your SEO professional can explain. If they are not it is a sign to replace SEO services.

Decline in ranking/manual action alert

Google changes its algorithm often, so sites following shady practices are hit. Their ranking drop thousands of position suddenly and sometimes they get de-indexed. No one desires a manual action alert in Google’s Webmaster tool. Make sure that you have an active Google Search Console account as well as receive Google alerts. All alerts are not bad! Good SEO experts will help to distinguish between bad and good alerts. 

Signs your SEO agency is helpful

  • They focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • They offer task reports.
  • You see improvement in ranking, website traffic, and conversions.

SEO takes time, so never expect tangible results in the initial 6 to 12 months. Simultaneously, never ignore what is going on. A committed SEO firm makes recommendations and develops strategies to reach the business goal. Never go into long-term contract without significant research or high referrals.

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