Ten Thoughts To Help You Create A More High-Converting Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most converting web pages used by B2B and B2C businesses in modern days. It remains one of the most efficient marketing tools. Read now to know 10 effective approaches to create landing pages

What is a landing page? A landing page today is one of the best tools to convert leads into prospects and clients. A high-converting landing page shall push a website’s visitor to buy from you, subscribe to a newsletter, download some content, fill out a survey, or do another task important for you. Below, we’re placing ten pieces of advice that any full-spectrum creative marketing agency shall use in its work when creating a highly efficient landing page.

How to create a landing page: 10 effective pieces of advice

Since a landing page is a highly converting tool, the greatest attention shall be paid to every particular aspect of its design and filling.

  1. A catchy headline

This is what a visitor sees first – before an offer, explanation, CTA, or multimedia content. Here, you have to create the interest of a visitor with a laconic and powerful headline, which would consist of several words and address the visitor’s needs. Something like, “Improve your deal closure by 50% or money back”. You could insert something measurable in the heading (“50%”) if you can actually deliver it. Otherwise, simply go without numbers.

  1. Great offer (subheading)

This is what will be placed directly under the heading to continue its message. It should be visible on the same screen (across all devices – PC, laptop, and especially mobile) so as to powerfully push a visitor to become acquainted with the rest of the landing page’s content. It’s better to make it consisting of 2-3 short sentences, which directly show what value your offer brings. Something like, “Increase your search ranking results by using this smart data tool. Take the most of your SEO opportunities”.

  1. An explanation of an offer

In this section, you could use from tens to several hundred textual words to describe your offer in bigger detail, showing it in depth. It is less about catchy slogans, as in the previous two paragraphs, and more about calm explanatory description. Still, avoid here any unnecessary words and vagueness to make your offer streamlined and perfectly clear.

  1. Signals of trust

People tend to trust more to pages, which contain some or several of these:

  • Logos, certifications, encryption seals, signs of medals or honors
  • Some quotation about a product made by celebrities and/or feedback (testimonials) from regular users
  • Trustworthy membership in various organizations (the louder the name the better).
  1. Something about pain and pleasure

You can’t sell or convert powerfully if you aren’t limelight the visitors’ pains and ways of solving them. Point at them to actually make a reader feel pains and then push hard to show how your offer solves the pains to bring pleasure.

  1. Images

People tend to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why it is important to place high-res images and icons that would add to the strength of your offer.¡

  1. Video(s)

Video, one or several, will add to the quality of your offer since videos are trusted by people the most. They’re also well perceived and memorized, which makes them the best tool so far to deliver your information to the heads and hearts. In videos, you could explain the nature of your offer in words, images, infographics, demonstrations, diagrams, and other visualization.

  1. Strong CTA

A CTA is a call-to-action, which is usually made of several buttons in critical places on the landing page, containing strong signals for a visitor to press them. By clicking them, a process of converting a visitor begins, so a page without them is actually meaningless. They may be, like, “Start Free Trial”, “Get Started”, “Sign Up”, or “Buy Now”.

  1. Post-conversion landing page

The best time to offer buy more is right after the previous purchase is just completed. After a client has purchased from you, you could redirect them to a new landing page, offering an upgrade, premium subscription, do something more in exchange for something (for free or at a discount price), get a by-product, or offering to tell {X} friends about the acquired product in exchange for some connected benefits. This should be physically another landing page.

  1. One landing page for 1 offer

The biggest mistake is to make 1 landing page for several offers even though they might be similar. The golden rule is to create 1 landing for 1 offer (for 1 particular product/service). If you sell several of them at once, simply make a dedicated page for every (you could even use the same template). The reasons are several:

  • you won’t distract a visitor from focusing on a single offer
  • you can effectively make A/B testing, getting more relevant results
  • and you can swiftly change your offer for a particular product not changing it for others.

Some final thoughts to conclude

Following these basic 10 points, you can make your landing page bring you more customers than any other webpage would. However, don’t forget to effectively conjoin its work with other marketing methods and tools of client attraction.

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