Termodizayn Container Type House (Tiny House)

The demand for tiny houses is increasing day by day. Termodizayn responds to the demand with the Container Type Houses (Tıny House) it has built using the Container steel construction infrastructure.

The demand for Termodizayn Container Type Houses (Tıny House) is increasing. Indicating that mobile homes are much more than a container, Termodizayn states that trust and demand are increasing day by day with comfortable, aesthetic and smartly designed mobile homes using Container steel construction infrastructure.


Container Type Houses can be preferred because they can be built at a lower cost than reinforced concrete houses, mobile houses are preferred because they can be completed and used in a short time, do not require zoning permission, and the construction and permit processes of prefabricated houses are very easy.


By using the container steel construction infrastructure, Termodizayn offers comfortable, aesthetic, smart designed mobile homes with the most rational architectural solutions. In addition to home and housing needs, Termodizayn also solves cafes and restaurants, fast food sales kiosks, office staff buildings, showrooms and sales offices, and tourism-oriented accommodation units in a short time, based on demand.

Designs According to Needs and Expectations

Thermodizayn, which can switch to new technologies in a short time thanks to its practical, dynamic staff and flexible production structure by closely following the changes and innovations in technology, designs all of its products according to the needs and expectations of the customers. In addition, Termodizayn provides the opportunity to create all optional options.

TERMODİZAYN, which produces and certifies according to European safety norms, continues its quality assurance studies. All of the spare parts it uses are of international quality in their class, and Termodizayn also has important references in Container house, Container tiny house and Container mobile homes.

Termodizayn has smart and practical designs to make your work and life easier with mobile solutions. Thermodizayn, which sees cheap transportation and being ready to work as a great advantage, states that it can be easily installed anywhere without requiring extra service. You can view all models of Termodizayn mobile solutions here.


Termodizayn, which started its activities as a family company in 1987, took its first step towards institutionalization in 2000. The company, which is entirely owned by domestic capital and established by experts in its field, has continued its “cooling systems manufacturing, assembly and service” activities until today. Termodizayn, which has improved its productions over time and brought its products to a position to export abroad, has completed its studies on quality certificates and has continued to present its products with CE labels since the middle of 2005. As a result of its quality and export efforts, Termodizayn has delivered its products to a wide range of sales in European, Asian, Arab and African countries. Termodizayn provides service in a closed area of 1000 m2.