Termodizayn stands out with its Solar Energy Cold Storage products

While Termodizayn continues to grow in the production of Solar Energy Cold Storage, it also gives life to the Turkish economy.

Termodizayn stands out with its Solar Energy Cold Storage products. Termodizayn, which has made assertive breakthroughs with its modular designed solar-powered cold rooms and Container-type solar-powered cold stores, works with a focus on customer satisfaction and increases its quality level day by day.

While solar energy continues to be the most widely used energy source in the world, Termodizayn aims to contribute to the environment and economy with its Solar Energy Cold Storage products.

TERMODİZAYN has been offering its products with CE label since the middle of 2005. Termodizayn provides service with 48 regional services spread all over Turkey with 24 hours / 365 days service assurance. In addition, Termodizayn products have a wide range of sales in European, Asian, Arab and African countries.

Termodizayn is in a different position among its competitors in tropical climate conditions and industrial designs. Termodizayn, which closely follows the changes and innovations in technology, creates an infrastructure opportunity with the opportunity to switch to new technologies in a short time thanks to its practical and dynamic staff, flexible production structure and R&D studies.

Noting that the modular designed solar-powered cold rooms are designed to serve many different sectors, including vegetable-fruit, meat and meat products, and medical use, the authorities says, “You can only cool your products with solar energy.”

Stating that solar-powered cold rooms can operate without any problems even in tropical climate conditions, the authorities say, “When the energy intake from the sun is cut, it continues to operate without any problems thanks to the energy stored in its batteries. If you wish, you can connect it to the mains and use it with mains electricity. Thanks to its reinforced chassis, you can easily carry it wherever you want.”

According to the information received from the authorities, the formation of heat losses is prevented thanks to the cold storage panels used in the container type solar cold storages. The products are stored safely and can be easily stacked thanks to its reinforced floor. In fact, optional floor covering and shelf systems can be added where you can put your products.

Solar-powered cold storages are delivered ready-to-use by Termodizayn technical staff. Termodizayn, which works with a focus on customer satisfaction and offers you all kinds of information, “All you have to do is decide where to put your solar-powered cold room.” states that it is.