The terrorist attack in Israel: who is responsible?

Gaza, which is in the south of Israel, bore all the horrors of mortar and rocket shelling by the Hamas terrorist group for the whole day. Residents hid in bomb shelters, shelling on playgrounds and synagogues was carried out – more than 200 missiles were fired at the city. Since 2014, the period of the “Unbreakable Rock” operation, this day has become the most difficult for local residents. Thanks to the “Red alert”, an Israeli modern alert system, and constant investing in fortifying bomb shelters, a large number of victims were avoided. Although, many people still got wounded. Nevertheless, the following fact is shocking: the world society has absolutely no reaction to what happened. But if this situation had occurred in any European city – Paris, London, Brussels – there would have been a huge condemnation of the attack and immediate response.

Such Hamas actions are not entirely new. They ignited a fire by flying kites and balloons with a flammable substance before. As a result, the fire spread to 7.5 thousand acres of land throughout Israel. Besides, Palestinians regularly try to penetrate the country, but the world community is silent, on the contrary, criticizing Israel for excessive self-defense. Even the media described the situation as Israeli aggression, and allegedly it was the Palestinians who were the victims, and their destructive attack – a peaceful action. The only exception was the statement of the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. He called on Hamas to stop all actions against the state of Israel.

President of the Israeli-Jewish Congress Vladimir Sloutsker also calls out to stop the terrorist actions. He stresses that the mass terrorist attacks of Hamas are the result of world politics. International community condemns Israel, but they justify and support the terrorist group, without holding it accountable under the law. Also, there is no reaction. Hamas can freely continue its aggressive actions against Israeli civilians. No statements have been received even from human rights organizations. Such an incident cannot be called a peaceful action as 200 rockets were fired at civilians, playgrounds, synagogues. Iran, which is a sponsor of Hamas, a supplier of weapons and someone that calls for the destruction of Israel, also did not respond to the situation. According to Vladimir Sloutsker, Israel, like any European country, has the right to take any measures during such attacks. That is why it is important that the international community pay attention to this problem.