The £140bn Market

During my research into unfamiliar industries, I came across an industry named “Close Protection”, which falls under the £140bn Private Security Industry.

The Private Security Industry and Close Protection Industry are something I knew very little about prior to my research. In my early readings, the role of a Close Protection Operative or Bodyguard reminded me of a James Bond character so I chose to dive a little deeper.

I present to you my findings on Close Protection alongside some expert commentary from an Industry Professional.


According to the Close Protection Company, Sextant Group. The definition of Close Protection is supplying personal security. It is carried out by Close Protection Officers either as individuals or as a team of Bodyguards.

Close Protection is provided to people who may be at risk of harm or harassment & is a very popular service to Celebrities and High Net worth Individuals. The goal of Close Protection as a service and the operatives that possess the skills to carry it out is to prevent injury, damage, or death of a client. 


Researching the industry, it would be rude not to assess the many career opportunities available. 

There is a small variety of roles available within the industry however I would like to tell you about the most common & unique roles in the industry.

A Bodyguard or Close Protection Operative is the stand-out role for me, for more reasons than one.

Kevin Thompson from Sextant Group who are provide industry training in their SIA Security Courses said,

“Close Protection can be a highly demanding & competitive career requiring high levels of dedication. Close Protection is a popular career choice today for veterans such as former military & police personnel however can be an excellent career choice for many other Men & Women from non-related backgrounds who are willing to learn the skills required to succeed as a Bodyguard via Close Protection Courses”

I am particularly interested in how a Bodyguard has extensive travel opportunities while working which is something I could personally only dream of as I am required to work in the Office.

Wouldn’t you like to travel on the Job? That being said, I have found it to be a role that involves risk depending on factors such as the location and the threats the client you are protecting is facing.

The salaries are quite high in my opinion, numerous sources claim to pay Close Protection Operatives/Bodyguards Up to £500 Per Day.

This isn’t the case with new starters though. New starters, particularly those with no prior related experience can earn as little as £150 Per Day, Which I still believe is a healthy salary.

Do you also think £150-£500 is a good daily rate of pay? If we are looking at national average salaries in various countries, the daily rates of pay can go far above the average, which is understandable when calculating the risk that can be involved in many “deployments”.


In summary, The Close Protection Industry offers an exciting role in Bodyguarding boasting enhanced travel and exceptional daily rates of pay. I believe it would be a perfect fit for someone looking for an exciting career.

I could see myself taking on the role of a Bodyguard, Perhaps in another life.

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