The 4 Best Dramas To Stream Right Now

Drama is a genre of cinema that can be frightening, exhilarating, and even bring us to tears. While most people have seen classic drama movies such as Dark Knight Rises or Schindler’s List, did you know that Asian dramas are all the rage now?

The Korean movie scene is making huge moves. Squid Game was a particularly successful project for Netflix, and people are paying more attention to what the Asian market has to offer. But Korean and Asian dramas have been around for as long as cinema exists. We simply didn’t know about them. So what better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than to explore the brilliant world of Asian cinema with these four dramas.

The Silent Sea

Same as Squid Game, the Silent Sea is yet another successful Korean drama with a Sci-Fi twist. The show sets in the future where water becomes scarce. A team of experts is selected to go on the moon and retrieve a sample from an abandoned research station. But this is anything from a safe mission. A few years ago, the entire crew of the research station died from an unknown radiation leak. The list of casualties involves the sister of one of the team members.

The mission, although risky, goes south pretty fast. It leaves the team in a difficult situation where the faith of humanity rests on their shoulders. But that problem isn’t important to the team, since they have to fight for their own survival first. The Silent Sea aired in 2021 and is one-season long. Fans of the show are openly calling for another season. With the recent success of Squid Game, it’s safe to assume that Netflix will be all over this. Although there are is no confirmation for a continuation of the show, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dive into it right now. The Silent Sea is free to watch on Dramacool.

Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna is anything but a normal hotel. While you would expect a flourishing establishment with a strong financial sense for business, what the show portrays is something far from it. Namely, the hotel is anything but a normal hotel. Instead of guests, the hotel welcomes ghosts.

This drama has a real kicker behind it. The hotel CEO is a living person that takes charge of the establishment in return for his father’s life. More so, this hotel doesn’t just appear out of the bloom. The owner of the hotel has been running the show for more than a millennium. Each episode shows a unique take on death, emphasizing the experiences and stories each ghost tells to the manager. This show, although a drama, has a rom-com kick. The show is funny, quirky, and absolutely amazing to watch.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is a Korean drama that will leave you in tears. The story follows two brothers, with the older brother taking care of the younger – who is autistic. The show gives us a unique take on how the world views autism. In cinema, autism is demonized and portrayed as a burden. But not in this show. While the brothers try to live a normal life, they’re being hunted by something. That’s why they’re constantly on the move.

The plot comes to a point where the older brother falls in love with a children’s book author with an antisocial personality disorder. What makes It’s Okay To Not Be Okay so great is that it shows debunks the stereotypes of mental health. Given that we don’t like talking about mental health, in general, the show will give you a different perspective of what’s it’s like to care about someone who’s on the autism spectrum. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is a Korean feel-good drama with one of the happiest endings. We won’t spoil it for you, so make sure to binge it.


Maybe you’re more into crime-fantasy dramas. If so, Hellbound is the latest drama to come out of Korea. Make no mistake; Hellbound is as gruesome as the name suggests. The plot in the series revolves around the history of the human race. While that might be a vague statement, let’s just say it’s not pretty to watch.

Essentially, beings from another world – presumably Hell – invade our world and take the lives of those who are condemned. While that might sound like an apocalyptic event, the truth is far from it. These beings don’t want a world of hellfire; they only want the sinners. Not even the best lawyer can save a person from the beings sent to take the sinner’s soul. A police officer investigates the series of mysterious disappearing and deaths. Soon, the whole country goes into social hysteria.

Hellbound is a Netflix original. It’s directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, the director of Train To Busan. While both movies are inherently different, the show has become widely popular as of late.

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