The 5 Best Loyalty Apps on Shopify

As an online business owner, few things feel as good as acquiring a new customer. But what about keeping existing customers active?

If you’re running your store on Shopify, you’re undoubtedly aware that it offers more than free website templates and themes. Of the one thousand-plus free and paid apps available in every area of e-commerce, few tools can fuel a store’s growth like loyalty apps.

It’s simple, right? Retain your existing customers and acquire new ones because of your loyal base. Except, how?

One of these five best loyalty apps on Shopify can help.


Know you want to reward regular customers and those who spread the word about your brand, but have no idea where to start? Rewards and Referrals by Swell does the thinking for you, providing over 10 different reward strategies that can be further customized to heighten brand awareness and spread the buzz. Entice customers to write product reviews, offer store credit with more spending, motivate customers to create a personal account, encourage social media engagement, and more. Swell will help drive more revenue from your active customer base and turn them into lifetime customers.

Free w/ under 100 orders/mo
Paid plans: Silver ($29) & Gold ($249)


The definition of loyalty in marketing can vary. Loyalty Points by Bold clarifies that they’re not a “referral” program like other apps wedge into their loyalty offerings. Instead, Bold, like the name implies, focuses on a straightforward ‘earn points for purchases’ reward system to keep customers shopping with an e-commerce brand. Bold comes with a sleek promotional widget to display on your store, branded email template to re-engage customers and takes only a few moments to install.

Free 30-day trial
Paid plans: 3 tiers: ($29-$500/mo)

TADA, Gamified Email Pop-ups

How about you let your visitors/users play a game and win attractive prices like discount, product or services in exchange of their emails? Tada is one of the best shopify apps that allows merchants to collect emails and increase subscribers with an ease. It helps with the website engagement by offering Gamified and elegant email collection pop-ups with unique discounts, keeping the visitors engaged and happy. Skyrocket your User Experience and your customer loyalty with TADA as it’ll will not only help with increasing the subscribers or email list but also with increasing the shopify sales as well.

S Loyalty

For established brands that have more to risk with their customer experience, Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals by S Loyalty is an excellent choice. S Loyalty is designed to match your store theme, and with customization tools, can be tweaked to match your brand. S Loyalty isn’t just easy on the eyes, though. Store owners have full control over their promotions. Send personalized notifications, create coupon codes on the fly, give customers a special bonus just because it’s their birthday, and even adjust points earned for purchases to promote timely sales. With major language support, S Loyalty’s also ideal for the global—or aspiring-to-be-global—e-commerce brand.

14-day free trial
Pain plans: 5 tiers: ($20-200/mo)

Looking for an app to fulfill every aspect of your customer loyalty initiatives? might be all you need, offering a loyalty points program, referral program and VIP program in one robust suite. helps stores in the typical ways: enticing social shares, getting users to create accounts, encouraging more purchases for more points, among others. But the best part? You can enjoy all these things free until you reach 2,000 members! Over 20,000 Shopify merchants use, and yet it maintains a 5-star rating. That has to count for something, right?

Free plan w/several features
Paid plans: 4 tiers: ($59-$599)


It’s critical to increase sales from repeat customers, but arguably more important are the insights that can be gained from those repeat customers. LoyaltyLion generates data by inciting action through social engagement, referrals, signups, purchases and more. Loyalty Lion’s analytic dashboard processes a year’s worth of store data, so you can get a portrait of your most loyal customers, those to retarget and those in jeopardy of becoming inactive. You can also set different loyalty tiers, integrate your loyalty program with your email marketing platform and build your review numbers through partner sites like TrustPilot and

14-day free trial, free plan under 800 orders/mo
Paid plans: 3 tiers: ($159-$699)

Every brand should be thinking of ways to attract new customers. However, without engaging the customers who already love your brand, you’re missing out on long-term growth and friendlier profit margins. Do your research on the above apps and test a few to see what meshes best. Good luck building your rabid base of fans!