The 5 Best Places to Private Label Essential Oils 

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Essential oils continue to be one of the most popular nature-based healthcare products you can find, and it’s never been easier to enter the business.

Private-label essential oils have become popular because they allow you to come up with unique branding and sell a manufacturer’s essential oils as your own. This is beneficial for both parties and makes it easy for anyone to enter the business.

That said, choosing the right private label partner is essential. Failing to do so can ruin your business before it even gets off the ground. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to private-label essential oils.

What Is a Private Label Essential Oil?

Private-label essential oils sound more complicated than they are. Ultimately, they’re essential oils that are produced by a manufacturer but sold under a different name and brand. This allows people to enter partnerships with essential oil wholesalers that make it more affordable and effortless to enter the business.

Private label partners usually offer unique labels, packages, and sometimes even unique ingredient combinations.

What Are the Benefits of Private Label Essential Oil?

The benefits of private-label essential oil are numerous because you remove a lot of the risk of starting your own company. For example, you don’t have to worry about buying or growing the ingredients yourself. Some other benefits include:

  • Unique branding options
  • Flexibility in how you sell your essential oils
  • More revenue
  • Better customer loyalty and retention
  • More affordable than creating your products 

Overall, most of the benefits come from how simple private label companies make it to enter the business.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Private Label Partner?

The hardest part about choosing a place to private label essential oils is that you need to choose the right one. Everyone claims to be the best, so how can you tell? Thankfully, we have a quick checklist you can run through, including:

  • The type of essential oils available
  • Where the ingredients are sourced
  • The company’s reputation and customer service options
  • Minimum requirements on wholesale or private label products; you want to avoid these
  • No area restrictions
  • Good reviews

These are only some of the factors to consider, and you should take your time evaluating who you partner with because it can change the trajectory of your company. 

The Best Places to Private Label Essential Oils

When it comes to private labeling, some essential oil companies are better than others. In fact, some companies aren’t even worth your time. This is where our list of the best places to private label essential oils comes into play; we narrow down the options for you.

1. Wholesale Botanics

Wholesale Botanics is a family-owned company. When you’re speaking with staff members and making consultations, you’ll feel that family-owned charm. Not only is this great for your partnership, but it’s also excellent for your customers because you know that any issues they have will be handled.

As for the essential oils, Wholesale Botanics only uses natural ingredients to ensure that their oils are of the highest quality.

The Wholesale Botanics’ private label program is also one of the most flexible options listed. You can have the labels made in just about any way that you like, and there are even custom packages that will help your product stand out.

2. Young Living Essential Oils

When you want to work with a company that’s been around the block, Young Living Essential Oils is one of the best options. It’s been around since 1993 and has been a leader in the production of therapeutic-grade essential oils since its inception.

What makes this company a good choice is how its ingredients are sourced. Every ingredient used in their essential oils is made from their farms, so you know that your customers are getting the highest possible quality.

Additionally, Young Living Essential Oils provides new partners with planners, website-building tips, insights, and other features to help you grow your new business.

3. Bulk Apothecary

One of the best in the industry is Bulk Apothecary. It’s one of the largest essential oil wholesalers in the world, and its partner program is open for people who want to have their products in their stores or people who want to use their private labels.

The process of enrolling is simple. Bulk Apothecary focuses on getting new partners the resources necessary to start and enjoy their new essential oils business.

Bulk Apothecary also brings its reputation and experience to the table to help your company thrive. The team will help you with packaging, logistics, shipping, GMP co-packing, and even analytical assistance.

4. Light 4 Life

Light 4 Life is another brand that allows you to enter a private-label relationship with them. What Light 4 Life brings to the table is flexibility and affordability. There are no minimum order limits, and you can customize the labels to your liking. Ultimately, Light 4 Life gives you the most freedom and even allows you to customize some of the fragrances.

While the freedom that Light 4 Life offers is helpful, it’s not for everyone. The company doesn’t give you a ton of resources to help, so you’re mostly on your own, which is great for some entrepreneurs but terrible for others.

5. Mayan’s Secret

Mayan’s Secret has been a player in the essential oils game for a handful of years and knows how to bring high-quality products to the table. There are dozens of combinations available, and the company offers a generous discount on bulk orders. Customer service is great, and the essential oils are well-made.

That said, the essential oils are on the pricier side. This is due to their quality and the bottles that they come in because Mayan’s Secret only uses the best possible ingredients and packaging for its brand. If you’re comfortable with the cost, working with Mayan’s Secret is a great way to elevate your essential oils business.

Start Your Private Label Essential Oil Business Today!

It’s never been easier to enter the essential oils business, and with a little bit of planning, you can generate a lot of revenue without too much risk. While it’s a great time to enter the industry, make sure your initial launch is done properly and only consider the best places to private label essential oils.

The last thing you want is a product launch with terrible products that tarnish your name for years to come. The good news is that all of the brands we covered today can help you get started.