The 5 Most Common Ways for An Inbound Call Center to Fail

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Successfully operating an inbound call center is not a piece of cake. There are many things that you need to manage to ensure that you are on the right track.

Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re making significant mistakes that can create a ripple effect and impact your brand. 

You constantly have to be on the lookout for red flags so that you can act fast and make the right changes! 

We’ve distilled some major factors that let call center companies fail, as well as outline potential solutions.  

#1 Lack of Visibility 

To ensure that your call center performance is up to the mark, you need to understand how your team is working. Review your agents’ conversations and see how they deal with the customers. 

Like they say, you change what you don’t measure! Lack of visibility is a huge issue, but how do you go about measuring the right factors?


There are specific ways through which to keep an eye on your team’s performance:

  • Voice Analytics

Voice analytics help you analyze your agent’s performance during calls. Plus, you can look at the issues your customers are facing by listening to their conversations. It will allow you to take the needed steps for better addressing customers’ problems in the future.

  • Quality Assurance

Another helpful process is QA, which helps ensure that agents efficiently deal with customer affairs.

#2 Low Customer Satisfaction 

Low customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics that can fail your inbound call center. Negative customer interactions will not only decrease your profit but will also severely impact your brand’s reputation.

Also, if you don’t address this issue in a timely manner, you can lose your customers.


To enhance your customer satisfaction, make sure to have:

  • Regular Surveys

These will allow you to get detailed customer feedback to keep track of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Note down the concerns of your unsatisfied customers and be careful not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

  • Special Offers for Your Potential Customers

Identify your loyal customers and offer them great discounts or shows to make them feel that you appreciate and acknowledge their loyalty.

#3 Ineffective Agent Training 

Although providing practical training to your agents is not a cakewalk, it can completely transform your call center’s performance. On the other hand, providing poor agent training will badly impact customer engagement and your overall brand reputation.

Not all agents are genius enough to spot their problematic area and sort it out by themselves. Providing inadequate training is like getting them stuck in the mud where they know they need to improve but don’t know why and how.


Make your training sessions as short and crisp as possible to prevent employee burnout. Don’t try to teach your agents everything in a day, and have a well-structured plan. Besides that, keep checking your agent’s performance now and then and offer help if they feel stuck.

#4 Lack of New Technology

Having updated call center software can end half of your problems. At the same time, those companies which overlook the importance of using the latest technology are left behind. Underutilizing the technology can make your organisation’s profit and growth suffer.


The solution to this problem is pretty simple; invest in the right tools. Also, teach your agents how they can get the most out of these advanced tools. Your brand’s growth will be exponential when you install new technology and make them easy to use for your agents.

#5 Rising Agent Attrition 

Let’s be honest; the work environment of call centers is often stressful, and that’s why most employees leave their jobs very soon. This way, the workload of the remaining team members is increased and results in the loss of their efficiency.

If you want to run your call center successfully, you need to ensure that your employees don’t feel drained out. Take care of their mental well-being and provide them with the required guidelines and tools for proper work-life balance.


There are multiple ways through which you can reduce your employee attrition. Provide your employee with good room for growth and offer them some relaxing activities. When they are mentally relaxed, their efficiency will increase automatically.

Besides, you need to make sure that you acknowledge and encourage the best team members. Canvass them on the kinds of benefits they’re interested in and do your best to meet or exceed those expectations.


We have mentioned some common ways that set the inbound call center for failure. Learn about them and make sure that you are not making any of these mistakes. However, if you overcome these issues, no one can stop you from standing out from your competitors. 

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