The 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams

NFL sits on the top, European football clubs have the highest growth rate and F1 teams are back on Forbes’ list

When we are talking about widespread and highly popular sports and top-tier leagues, we are talking about huge and ridiculously high amounts of money. We are talking about billions and billions of dollars worth of the richest sports in the world. At least that’s what Forbes’ yearly estimates of the most valuable sports teams reveal. Sports that can be found in the best betting apps Malaysia and sports that fans find really interesting and for that manner they follow them closely. 

Let’s see the specifics of the teams’ values. 

For one more time, American football beats European football when it comes to valuation, according to the list of the world’s most valuable sports in 2023 as compiled by Forbes magazine. The NFL remains the richest sports league on the planet, but surprisingly it is not experiencing as high growth as other leagues – like traditional soccer. Meanwhile, two Formula 1 teams are reentering the list with a growing valuation that is unprecedented. 

NFL Sitting at the Top of the List

The NFL is sitting at the top of the list. In fact, in this list of the 50 most valuable sports teams, we have thirty -yes that’s what you just read – thirty NFL teams. That’s 60% of the richest teams, being in the top-tier league of American football. And what’s more incredible is that 7 out of the 10 most valuable teams on the list are NFL teams.

The richest team is the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, who have seen their value rise over the last five-year period by nearly 80%. Now they stand at $9billion. The next big-money-making team in the NFL is the New England Patriots, whose current value is $ 7 billion. Following are the Los Angeles Rams with $ 6.9 billion, the New York Giants with $ 6.8 billion, the Chicago Bears with $ 6.3 billion, the Las Vegas Riders with $6.2 billion and the New York Jets with $ 6.1 billion dollars. 

The three remaining teams in the top 10 most valuable teams are MLB’s New York Yankees with 7.1 billion, NBA’s Golden State Warriors with $ 7 billion, and NBA’s New York Nicks with $ 6.1 billion.

The Total Value of the Top 50 Teams is Rising

The 50 richest teams’ value in 2023 amounts to nearly $ 256 billion, which is almost 15% more than their total value in the previous year. On average this is approximately $ 5.1 billion per team in the list. 

The rising value of the top 50 teams has grown due to two major reasons: first, better TV broadcasting deals bringing billions and billions to the team. For example, the NFL landed on a $ 126 billion deal for its rights on TV.

Second, the considerably higher multiples of revenue for which teams are being sold. It was only a few months ago when NFL’s Washington Commanders sold for as much as $ 6.05 billion, which was 11 times their revenues, and sometime earlier when NBA’s Phoenix Suns were acquired for a price 13 times revenue. 

European Football is Having Momentum in Value Growth

It might be the NFL that is sitting at the top of the richest teams, but as we said earlier it is not the one that sees its value growing at the highest rate. It is European football that has accelerated the growth in its clubs’ value. 

The first football club to crack the list of 50 most valuable sports teams is Real Madrid, which ranks 11th and is worth nearly $ 6.07 billion. But this is not the only filthy-rich club: it is also Manchester United with $ 6 billion, Barcelona with $5.5 billion, Liverpool with $5.2billion, Manchester City with $4.99billion, Bayern Munich with $4.86billion, and Paris Saint-Germain with $4.21billion that make the total of seven European football clubs to be included in Forbes’. Paris Saint-Germain has one more reason to boast about being on this list: they are also the team with the highest -of all-value growth – approximating 334%!

Formula 1 re-entering the list 

It’s been ten years since two F1 teams have made it to the list of top 50 most valuable teams. Back in 2013, we had Ferrari and McLaren on the list, but since then it has never been the case where we could see two of them in the top rankings. This year we have Ferrari with $3.9billion being in the 45th place and Mercedes with $3.8billion being in the 47th place. 


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