The 6 Best Jewelry You Can’t Miss in 2022

Jewellery’s design inspiration theme shows the designer’s vast space and time thinking. You can see different themes such as natural treasures, vast starry sky, poetic mythology and even virtual worlds. The breakthrough use of innovative materials is also more daring. Holographic ceramics, electroplating titanium metal, etc. Give designers a broader imagination.

Best Ring

Chopard “Water” Titanium Ring

The centre stone is a 2ct pear-shaped paraiba tourmaline, embellished with 5ct diamonds, and the setting is made of white gold and titanium.

Inspired by the sea, the Water ring creates a moving scene of 3 waves cascading and rolling. This reminds me of a wave ring. The waves are made of blue-plated titanium metal, and the surface can be seen with stacked arc-shaped engravings, showing a flowing light and shadow effect. The tip of the wave is decorated with white gold-cut water splashes, lined with bezel-set round diamonds of different sizes; the wave head is also set with a 2ct drop-shaped Paraiba tourmaline. The clear water blue and titanium metal naturally complement each other, freezing the moving moment of the surging ocean waves. 

Best Bangle

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel Black Label Masterpiece

The main stone is a Burmese unburned sapphire of about 50ct, embellished with diamonds, yellow diamonds, sapphires, and rose garnets. The setting is made of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

The ‘Colorful Mediterranean’ bracelet is inspired by the azure Mediterranean. The centre stone is a 50ct Burmese unfired sapphire. The artist outlines the natural landform-like structural lines through the wax carving process. The ring wall is scattered with paved diamonds, yellow diamonds, sapphires, rose garnets and other gemstones of different colours. Like an Impressionist painting, it pays tribute to the colourful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and the rich history of civilizations.

Best Brooch

Van Cleef & Arpels “Déesse Mercure” White Opal Brooch

The centre stone is a 5.10ct cabochon-cut white opal with rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds.

The Déesse Mercure white opal brooch combines starry sky, poetic fantasy and mythology. The title of the work means “Mercury Goddess” in French. The image of the goddess is reminiscent of classic “ballerina” pieces, such as diamond cheeks, a fluttering dress, and ballet shoes set with rubies and four-pointed stars. The goddess holds a cambered 5.1ct white opal “Mercury” in her hands. Mirror-polished gold and round diamonds of progressive size frame the light, and pink sapphire stars adorn them.

Best Necklace

BVLGARI Bulgari “Celestial Sky”

The centre stone is a cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphire, accented with cabochon-cut sapphires, rubellite beads, and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The birthplace of BVLGARI, “Rome”, became the muse of Celestial Sky necklace inspiration. The centre stone is a cushion-cut sapphire, a deep and mysterious hue that symbolizes the Roman blue sky. The necklace uses sapphires, rubellite beads and diamonds to outline a swirling decorative pattern. It reproduces the typical decorative style of the Roman Baroque period. It also seems to be the sky showing a distinct gradient effect under the reflection of the setting sun. The entire necklace took about 1800 hours to complete.

Best Earrings

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel Black Label “Morning Dew Green Rattan” Earrings

The centre stone is 2 cushion-cut diamonds of 13ct each, with 14 Colombian emeralds of approximately 16.16ct. Embellished with diamonds, emeralds, grey-blue sapphires, grey-green sapphires, and garnets. The setting is made of titanium and white gold.

The “Morning Dew Green Vine” earrings are inspired by the vivid natural scene of morning dew moisturizing green vines. 14 Colombian emeralds are used to create a fresh green vine leaf, supporting 2 cushion-shaped diamonds of 13ct each. Like the morning dew in the sun shining brightly. The titanium metal setting is specially treated with a blue-green gradient, which makes the soft rattan branches more vibrant.

Best Innovative Jewelry

Boucheron Boucheron “Chromatique” flower ring.

The centre stone is a 7.88ct cushion-cut aquamarine with holographic ceramic and round-cut diamonds.

The design of this ring is inspired by fantasy light and shadow, and the most special feature is the use of high-tech “holographic ceramic” jewellery materials. Giving gorgeous and ethereal colours to natural flowers, just like a rainbow hematite ring. The title of the work “Chromatique” means “natural colour of things” in Greek. The surface of the holographic ceramic petals presents a three-dimensional undulating outline, and the brilliant light and shadow flow along with it. The 7.88ct aquamarine is reflected in the petals, giving the flower a surreal eternal life.

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