The 7 Most Popular Diamond Shapes to Consider for an Engagement Ring

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Shopping for an engagement ring in Brisbane to give your partner entails taking into account different vital factors that make up the perfect piece of jewelry which will make her say “yes” when you pop the question.

One of these key elements is the shape or cut of the diamond. This single component plays a crucial role in the setting style, design, and look of the engagement ring.

It also affects the amount of money you will ultimately spend on this piece of jewelry since each cut of the diamond is priced differently. The prices also differ based on the stone’s carats.

Regardless of the shape you choose, if you prefer to save some money on your engagement band to spend on the other vital elements of your upcoming wedding, consider getting a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Lab-created diamonds are created in laboratories and not mined. Because of this, they are more sustainable and less expensive since less water and energy are used in producing them.

But even if lab-grown diamonds are less pricey, they look similar to and share comparable chemical and physical properties with their mined counterparts. As a result, they are durable and long-lasting, and they look stunning.

Best Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

With the diamond’s cut being one of the key elements that make up the perfect engagement ring, you would do well to have an idea of each shape and its best features so that you can narrow down your options wisely.

Below is an overview of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings:

1. Round

The round cut looks stunning in any setting, making it the most popular shape of diamonds for engagement rings.

Round brilliant diamonds have the most sparkle of any shape because these are cut to precise angles and measurements. As such, they always stand out and never fail to catch the eye of anyone who sees the ring.

This shape also makes the diamond more superior in terms of clarity and radiance since it reflects light better, thus maximizing its potential brightness.

Additionally, round diamonds also have a larger surface area since there is no wasted weight underneath them.

2. Oval

In the past, the oval cut was considered old-fashioned and outdated. However, they are experiencing a revival and are slowly catching up with round-shaped diamonds in terms of popularity.

Oval-shaped diamonds are modified brilliant cuts, like round cut gems. Because of this, they possess brilliance and clarity that are hard to ignore. Their rounded edges on the tips make them look flattering on the hand as well.

However, unlike round cuts, oval diamonds have the added advantage of an elongated shape, making them appear longer and bigger than they actually are.

3. Princess

If you are leaning toward a fancy diamond shape for your partner’s engagement ring, the princess cut is your best option.

The princess cut is a highly sought-after fancy diamond shape for engagement rings. It has a modern geometrical look that boasts a ton of brilliance.

It is also known for its versatility, allowing it to look great on almost any style of ring.  

But even with these features, princess cut diamonds are typically less expensive than round-cut diamonds. However, if you choose this shape, make sure you opt for a protective setting since princess cut diamonds tend to chip at the corners and fall easily.

4. Cushion

Like the oval cut, cushion-shaped diamonds were also once considered outdated. However, their brilliance and fascinating look make them a popular option for engagement rings and other types of rings today.

The cushion cut is one of the most elegant-looking diamond shapes. Due to its square outline and rounded corners, it looks like a sophisticated, delicate glass pillow.

Also, cushion cut diamonds return light in a chunkier pattern than other shapes, giving them a distinctive, eye-catching look.

Cushion-shaped diamonds look great on both vintage and modern ring styles. Because of this, they are also excellent choices for engagement bands.

5. Emerald

Emerald-shaped diamonds stand out since they produce a hall-of-mirrors effect caused by the interplay of light and dark planes.

Additionally, the pavilion step cuts of an emerald cut diamond and its large, open table make it unique and impressive.

Because of these features, along with its crystal-clear appearance that allows you to see each facet easily, an emerald cut is a great option for an engagement ring.

Additionally, jewelers recommend using an emerald cut diamond as the centerpiece for a three-stone ring. They usually pair it with tapered baguette or trapezoid cut side diamonds.

6. Asscher

Named after the Asscher Brothers of Holland, Asscher cuts are similar to square emerald-shaped diamonds. However, they usually have larger step facets, higher crowns, and smaller tables.

Additionally, unlike square and emerald cuts, Asscher-shaped diamonds have cropped corners that give them an octagonal shape.

Also, since Asscher cut diamonds are square and more centralized facets, they have a more concentrated sparkle.

Because of these features, Asscher cuts often look more radiant than emerald-shaped diamonds.

Asscher-shaped diamonds are also often added as the centerpiece of a three-stone ring or in a classic solitaire since they can highlight their clear and sparkling appearance.

7. Heart

Lastly, if your partner is a true-blue romantic, consider getting a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring.

The heart is an everlasting symbol of love. As such, it is an exceptional choice for an engagement ring, even if it is not a traditional shape and option for this type of jewelry.

The cut also showcases a contemporary look and a feminine shape that looks astonishing as a solitaire on a simple band and in other, more elaborate settings.

If you choose a heart cut diamond, be prepared to pay a bit more for the ring since a lot of work goes into creating the symmetry and brilliance to make the gem shine and stand out.

Shopping for the ideal engagement ring is similar to gifting scents to your special someone. When you get help from an expert, you will be able to find the perfect perfume that they will love. 

As such, use online tools or apps to mix and match different diamond cuts and ring styles. Also, ask a jeweler for advice to narrow down your options.

More importantly, don’t forget to include in your considerations your partner’s preference, style, and lifestyle. Since she will be the one accepting your proposal and wearing the engagement ring, you have to ensure she says “yes” and receives your symbol of love wholeheartedly by considering these vital factors.

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