The Advantages of Facebook PPC Ads

Facebook is the world’s biggest paid social network when it comes to advertising. Nothing else beats it, especially with its 2.7 billion active users. With Facebook PPC Ads, you can reach your ideal customers, based on their interests, location, and other targeting options. Facebook PPC Ads help new customers find you.

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It’s a lucrative paid social advertising platform that would be ideal to take advantage of. People are sharing a lot of information on the platform; from weddings to birthdays or just sharing a photo of their dog. You can target a wide range of people or narrow it down.

Facebook also has the advantage of being a powerfully visual platform when it comes to video ads, images, and other visual content. Advertisers can display persuasive high-resolution ads, as well as aspirational messaging that’s compelling to users to click on. You can choose an Ad format that’s appropriate for your business objective.

With the combination of a detailed target audience and visually powerful advertisements, Facebook can offer a huge ROI. You can set how much you want to invest in campaigns. So anyone can afford to run advertisements, whether you have a big or small business.

Just like Google, there is also a Facebook score on how well your Ads are performing. Google has a quality score, while Facebook utilizes a relevance score. This score measures the quality and engagement level of your ads. This is important because it determines both your cost per click and how frequently Facebook shows your Ads.

Facebook relevance score sits on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. If your score is low, that means your Ad has barely pertained to your audience. And if your score is at an 8, 9 or 10, this means that your Ad is more likely to be served to the right audience.

The relevance score incorporates a few different factors. An important one is that it’s based on expected positive and negative feedback. When your Ad has been served more than 500 times, it will be assigned to a score. This scoring system helps advertisers in a few different ways:

  1. It can lower the cost of reaching people: As stated before, you’ll get a higher score if your Ad is relevant to the right people, which is a positive sign. This can lower the cost of your Ads. However, bids matter too. If two Ads are targeting the same audience, there’s no guarantee that the Ad with a high relevance score but a low bid will beat out the Ad with a low relevance score and high bid. This is up to Facebook to decide!
  2. It can help you test your Ad creativity before running a campaign: To tap into your inner mad scientist, mix and match different combinations of Ad copy and images to different audiences. Experimenting this way can help you determine what Ads get a high relevance score.
  3. It can help to optimize Ad campaigns: If you already have campaigns in progress, you can monitor their performance. If a campaign score starts to score low, it may be the Ad creative or audience that needs to be refreshed. Make sure you do this!

With this being said, the relevance score shouldn’t be the only focus in terms of gauging the performance of your Ads. You should keep in mind bidding based on your business objectives. If you’re making the return you’d like to see, then happy days!

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