The Art of Repurposing Old Jewelry: Giving it New Value


Is your jewelry box full of pieces of jewelry that were gifts from older family members or friends that have sentimental value but no appeal for you to wear? Some pieces may have gold or silver settings and semi or precious stones, while others are costume jewelry with only sentimental value. The right jeweler can take those pieces and turn them into updated pieces of jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear. 

Why Do People Repurpose Old Jewelry?

It may seem smarter to sell old jewelry for the gold, silver, or stones it contains. But, if that jewelry has sentimental value, there are better choices. If a person chooses repurposing old jewelry, a good jeweler who specializes in this form of jewelry creation and marketing can turn those old pieces into new, stylish jewelry for a reasonable cost. If there is leftover gold or silver, they might even buy it and credit the money toward the new piece.

A jeweler who specializes in repurposing old jewelry will have lots of ideas on how to get the best results. The jeweler might even have a collection of stones that can be combined with what the customer has to create something really special. They will also have experience in jewelry design and the latest computer design programs to help with the design process.

People repurpose heirloom and older jewelry because it has sentimental value to them. Selling it for precious metal or stones does not bring enough money to make up for losing the sentiment. What if a necklace is the last reminder of a favorite grandmother? What if the brooch came from an aunt who was much loved? By restyling this jewelry, value is added and the piece is now something that will be worn instead of gathering dust in a jewelry box.

Ways to Repurpose Jewelry

There are many ways to get new looks for old jewelry whether it is made of gold and silver along with precious stones or is costume jewelry. Some of the types of jewelry people want to repurpose include:

  • Engagement rings or other rings
  • Brooches
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Cufflinks
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Hair ornaments
  • Broken or damaged jewelry 

One fun idea is to find a jeweler who specializes in repurposing old jewelry and take all the pieces to them to combine the parts in new ways. That jewelry box full of seldom-used items can be turned into a few pieces that will be worn often and with pleasure.

Maybe there is an engagement or other ring that no longer fits or is out of style. A good jeweler with a creative mind can turn it into a special ring that fits and looks modern and stylish. Maybe the engagement ring is from an ex-partner or a relative. A good way to start the process of redesigning the ring is to look at new rings in jewelry stores or online to see what appeals. Then, print the photos or sketch the ring style to show the jeweler who will be remaking the old ring.

Other types of jewelry can be reworked to form new pieces of jewelry that better suit the owner’s tastes. A brooch can be turned into a pendant. Pendants and earrings can be turned into charms for a charm bracelet. Necklaces can be turned into bracelets. The beads from several necklaces can be combined into new necklaces. Several pieces of jewelry can be taken apart, and the usable parts can be used to form a new piece of jewelry.

A good jeweler can come up with many interesting ways to repurpose jewelry so it will be worn with pride rather than go unused in a jewelry box.

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