The Benefits Of Aluminium Barrier Foil

Aluminium offers many valuable properties, which, when used as part of protective barrier foil packaging, provide extended life and preserve package contents. This makes it a great option for organizations in many different industries to take advantage of when it comes to packaging, storing and shipping their products.

What is aluminium barrier foil?

Aluminium barrier foil bonds together 3 or 4 different layers of material, one of which is the aluminium layer. This is a crucial element of the laminates as it provides vital protection for the package contents. Aluminium barrier foil offers the lowest transmission rates of all flexible materials and can maintain dry and liquid oxygen and moisture levels within required tolerances

Aluminium is highly malleable and flexible without losing its protective barrier integrity. Its key benefits include being an absolute barrier to protecting against moisture, light, gas, bacteria, and mold ingress whilst remaining strong against damage from multiple handling and transporting whether by land, sea or air or for long term storage. It has the flexibility to protect anything from a packet of crisps or tiny circuit board to an entire aeroplane or army tank. You can obtain foil in its pure form, or look for packaging solutions that can be custom made or made in bulk for a variety of purposes.

Benefits as an effective packaging solution

Aluminium barrier foil packaging suppliers such as 3D Barrier Bags can produce barrier foil pouches, sheets, lay-flat tubing, and gusseted tubing. This enables a variety of solutions for companies to protect their products, materials, and equipment fully. There are many benefits to using aluminium barrier foil as a packaging solution, some of which we explore below. 

It can protect sensitive products and avoid costly preparation before storing or shipping

It is widely used to protect sensitive foods, chemicals, composites and dry products, pharmaceutical compounds and equipment, and engineering, automotive, and aerospace parts. Using aluminium barrier foil packaging eliminates the need to re-dry products, add greasing or additional protective packaging measures before storing, shipping or transporting. 

It offers a strong, secure option that can reduce costs in some applications

Another benefit is the strength and security over extended periods of aluminium barrier foil. Its strength and flexibility allow a downgrade from rigid metal outer packaging as a drum liner, significantly reducing operating costs. As packaging design is flexible, it can be designed with various filling and emptying options in production rolls or individual pieces. Heat sealing times and waste products are reduced, with heat sealing becoming a one-person operation. Reduced calculable desiccant levels can also be determined, thus reducing costs further. 

Packaging can be designed to fit your needs

Customised packaging choices are available to fit any size or shape. Protective barrier foil packaging solutions are available speedily as one-off custom design or production run staples by leading barrier foil protection suppliers. Choosing a supplier offering industry-leading supply times and no minimum order will ensure that whatever your packaging needs they can be met.

Final words on the benefits of Aluminium foil 

Aluminium barrier foil packaging is widely used because it offers the highest guarantees that your sensitive goods or equipment will stay protected through packaging, shipping or storage. The outer packaging is clean, strong, flexible in design and often requires limited secondary packaging. It also requires no special disposal facility, making it a highly cost-effective packaging solution. It has the flexibility to be used within existing Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) formats, static dissipative and food-grade protection options are also available, so it provides a good option for businesses to consider for a variety of different products and materials.

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