The Benefits Of Doing Office Yoga Classes

yoga-classYoga has brought peace of mind to those who practice it for over 3,000 years. And because of its endless power to calm the body and mind through simple exercises, it has made its way to the most stressful thing we go through in life: the workplace. Nowadays, the workplace has become a stressful hub of demands and deadlines. The work environment is ever-so-changing to the worst, as many people often fall into depression, anxiety, or a drop in work performance generally. This is where Office Yoga enters, the leading mindful exercise to help release all your work stress.

What is Office Yoga?

Many employers have realized the benefit of at-work yoga because it helps their employees to be much more productive. This has resulted in an influx of yoga teachers fulfilling their needs by offering corporate yoga classes to all employees several times a week. These yoga instructors are specialized in office settings and can use the work environment for an array of mindfulness activities that will help get you through the day.

Benefits of Office Yoga

There is an endless list of benefits when it comes to yoga in the workplace and many employers and organizations are starting to see how important it is. We’ve highlighted some of these benefits below:

A Source of Stress-Relief

It’s no brainer that work can be super stressful and it can lead to a myriad of mental health issues like anxiety as well as physical stress too. This is where yoga comes in to release all the mental and physical tension by reducing cortisol in the brain, the hormone responsible for stress. Yoga participants have shown to handle stressful situations much better than those who don’t participate. By improving stress relief, people at work have become less angry as well.

Boosts Energy Levels

Many employees go through what is called the “Midday Slump” where they feel nothing but exhaustion. Studies have shown that a simple 30-minute workout can boost energy levels and reduce fatigue as it promotes blood circulation. Yoga exercises and stretching midday can actually beat your afternoon fatigue.

Enhances Concentration

Often being overwhelmed with tasks can cause one’s brain to shut down and not be able to focus on anything. Instead of forcing yourself to send a few emails, take a break and practice some Yoga; the meditation and breathing exercises are an excellent way to ‘silence the noise’ in your head. Getting rid of this mental clutter will not hinder your performance anymore.

Improves Productivity

Many organizations have noticed a major increase in their employees’ productivity levels ever since they opted to sign them up for office yoga classes. In a study, around 72% reported a boost in their time management skills during days they participate in yoga, as opposed to the days they don’t. This, of course, is an added benefit to the organization as their employees can perform much better. Practicing yoga at work can also reduce burnout rates; a study conducted showed that employees who practiced yoga for eight weeks have drastically lowered warning signs for burnout.

Promotes Team Spirit and Morale

When employees are stressed, it can lead to a very hostile and aggressive work environment; it also causes the employees to be more negative and less motivated to work. However, having yoga classes at work can actually create a harmonious work environment; it will make employees collaborate and bond together. Not to mention it will boost their confidence levels, their morale, as well as their performance levels because now they work in a relaxed work setting.

Relieves Pain and Improves Posture

Having a desk job will require you to sit for a number of hours during the day, this can lead to pain in your back, neck, knees, joints, and wrists. It can also affect your posture negatively. We often carry stress in certain parts of our body and yoga helps alleviate that. Many employees have claimed to be significantly pain-free once they got the hang of practicing yoga. Because it has improved the employee’s physical health, it has also reduced the level of absentees. So it’s a win-win situation!

A Harmonious Workplace

Having yoga classes at work is one thing every organization and employer should take into consideration. Creating a harmonious work environment not only reduces stress, but it also promotes morale, productivity, and team spirit. Trust the fact that yoga can be the answer to all your work issues.