The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by either an inert gas or a vacuum, plus a desiccant to eliminate problems with condensation. Until a few decades ago, they used to be relatively rare. Now, homeowners across the world are replacing their old windows with these improved models. Read on to find out about the benefits of double-glazed windows that are driving this trend.

Better Insulation

Double-glazed windows offer far greater protection against unwanted heat transfer than their ordinary counterparts. Installing Climateframe Double Glazing windows increases a home or business’s insulation value significantly. It’s the space between the two glass panes that makes all the difference, preventing heat from escaping in the winter and reducing the impact of solar gain in the summer.

Single-glazed windows allow heat to move in and out of the home easily through the glass, accounting for almost half of all unwanted thermal transfer in the winter months. In the summer, the situation gets even worse and nearly 90% of unwanted heat gain comes from windows and doors. Double-glazed windows and doors are up to four times more effective at insulating against the effects of climatic extremes.

Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

The most noticeable impact of reducing unwanted thermal transfer is that it helps to keep families’ monthly bills low. Instead of having to place extra strain on air conditioners in the summer and furnaces in the winter, homeowners can do their HVAC equipment a favor and maximize these systems’ efficiency through reduced heat transfer. As a result, electricity bills are lower in the summer and home heating is more affordable in the winter. 

To sweeten the deal further, reducing the amount of strain on HVAC units also helps keep them operating efficiently and effectively for longer. Extending the longevity of these systems can save homeowners substantial money over the years by reducing the need for expensive repairs and frequent system replacements.

Heightened Security

Double-glazed windows don’t just keep families safe from extreme temperatures. They can also help to boost a home’s security. Unlike single-glazed windows, which are easy to shatter, double-glazed windows hold up much better to break-in attempts. High-quality double-glazed windows sometimes come with extra protective factors, as well.

Effective Noise Reduction

Ever noticed that the outside world sounds an awful lot closer while standing next to a window? It’s because a single pane of glass does very little to filter out noise. Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, are quite effective at reducing noise. In fact, high-quality, professionally installed models can keep it 80% quieter inside than old, single-glazed windows.

Protect the Home’s Interior

Most homeowners have likely noticed that rugs, furniture, and drapes near south-facing windows tend to get sun-bleached. It’s because single-glazed windows do very little to reduce UV radiation. Many of today’s double-glazed windows feature glass that helps to reduce harmful UV rays while still letting in plenty of natural sunlight and even those that don’t get be outfitted with UV window film for added protection.

Eliminate Condensation

Well-made double-glazed windows are designed to have airtight seals, which prevent moisture from building up and forming condensation. If the glass in an older double-glazed window is starting to fog, that generally means it’s time to replace it. Single-glazed windows almost always have problems with condensation, often leading to problems with moisture and mold.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Homeowners who are ready to upgrade their windows have plenty of options, so they shouldn’t rush into anything. Instead, take the time to find a double-glazed window vendor that has a reputation for selling high-quality products and offering excellent customer service, and try to buy from local manufacturers.

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