The Benefits of Standing in Workplace Productivity

Been feeling unproductive and unmotivated at work? Check if you’ve been sedentary! The connection between sedentariness and productivity has been proven by many studies, with sedentary individuals showing less productivity. The question on how to increase productivity has been a topic in many workplaces, and several solutions have been offered.

Of these solutions, the most practical option is one that is easy to do and is sustainable in the long run. Have you considered standing more? Look into an adjustable standing desk.

Standing in the Workplace: Productivity Benefits

Do you have one of those office jobs that require computer work and sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours or more a day? You are prone to living a sedentary lifestyle. And while this lifestyle harms your health, it also harms your productivity.

The quickest and most immediate solution? Stand. Check out the top 5 benefits of standing below:

Improves Circulation and Focus

Standing increases blood circulation in your body, helping you feel more alert, awake, and focused on the task you are working on. The result is that you become more productive throughout the day.

Reduces Fatigue

Did you know that standing can actually reduce fatigue? The insufficient circulation and your muscles not being engaged can all lead to feelings of tiredness and lack of energy. When you stand, you engage your muscles. This helps you feel less tired and allows you to feel like you have more energy.

Increases Movement

Standing more means moving more, so you can say goodbye to pain and discomfort. When you sit for hours, your body tends to become stiff. And, this can cause weakening in your muscles over time. You can reverse the effect by standing and moving more. This way, you can keep a better posture and avoid any distraction caused by discomfort or pain.

Enhances Creativity

Standing can also improve your creativity, thanks to the improved flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. In fact, studies reveal that standing can lead to producing more novel ideas, which is perfect for brainstorming and in jobs that require strategy and ideation.

Give You More Energy

Standing will boost your energy. You will notice when you stand that you feel more energized and ready to tackle tasks, leading to more motivation and increased productivity throughout your workday.

Why Shift to a Standing Desk?

So, when it comes to productivity, do standing desks really help? The answer–YES. The best standing desk in Canada can provide benefits in both health and productivity.

However, remember that standing is a habit that you need to build over time, especially at work—you cannot do it overnight. Remember to find the balance and ratio between sitting and standing that works for you. Use proper shoes and listen to signs your body tells you—know when it’s time to stand and sit.

With all these considered, it’s time to start your search for an adjustable standing desk. Check our catalog for a wide range of high-quality options!

Introducing the Motion Series Standing Desk

This is MotionGrey’s leading standing desk, a favorite among individuals looking for a stable support at every height. The desk can lift up to 250lbs of weight, and it can carry that weight from as low as 23.6” to as high as 49”, making it a perfect desk for users of 5” – 7” height. This is easily achieved with the dual Bosch motors and 3-segmented steel frame that each desk is equipped with, the perfect combination for strength and stability.

Warranty: 8 years

Table tops: color options (white marble, black oak, oak brown)

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