The Benefits of using an Accelerated Insight Platform For Your Business

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Without intelligent and actionable insights, data is just data. An Accelerated Insight platform is the result of technologies that allow incredibly fast processing of data that can be applied to a variety of applications and give a range of useful insights.

Combining and analysing data from various sources into a centralised cloud-based data platform allows the numbers and other data to do useful storytelling. When we talk about storytelling, what we’re really talking about is data-led decision-making.

Data in isolation is just that, data. Data, once it’s been understood and contextualised, is something else altogether. Something useful. Something actionable. The whole point of data is to use it to create intelligent actions based on what it can tell you. Patterns, gaps, trends – it’s all part of the dynamic of data-centric storytelling.

For many years now, businesses have been able to make data-led decision-making processes. However, it’s the speed of generating these insights which is key.

Companies of all sizes are now increasing their use of Machine Learning (ML) to gather a broad range of data from multiple touchpoints – which can be both labour- and time-intensive to sort through, as well as understand and explain. Visualisation offers a solution by speeding up this process and providing the ability to accelerate and present information to key decision-makers and stakeholders in a coherent way, especially in fast-paced, dynamic markets.

By giving insight and direction to key business decisions tools, Brytlyt’s platform allows companies to see trends, patterns, areas of growth and also areas that need attention. The better your business knows where it is now, the better it can forecast for where it needs to be.

This information can be processed in many ways; that’s where our analytics & visualisation workbench comes into its own – meaning our clients can generate smarter intelligence, with astonishing speed. 

Brytlyt systems deliver the agility required to be ahead of the curve and the competition.

By understanding the importance of data-driven businesses, we help our clients find meaning in their data with rapidly accelerated analytics.

A significant majority of AI experts agree that organisations will need to improve their system infrastructure to keep up with the curve of AI tech – with data acceleration needed to process vast volumes of data.

High Performance Computing (HPC) typically refers to the practice of linking up computational power in a way that delivers much higher levels of performance than you’d be able to achieve from a typical workstation – to solve larger, more complex problems in business, engineering and science (including data science). This is crucial for the power required to run Accelerated Insights.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something we’re all familiar with, but may not appreciate how much it already integrates in our daily lives and how much impact it’s likely to have in the future. This software grows alongside the continued advancements in hardware and infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics has a huge emphasis on speed and an almost limitless potential to process and visualise vast amounts of data in real-time.

Who Uses Brytlyt’s BI & Analytics Systems?

Over the past few decades, organisations that have experienced the highest levels of growth have invariably owed their success to leveraging their well-developed data architecture and digital infrastructure.

Our Business Intelligence systems are used in a variety of big data applications at the very cutting-edge of the transformational analytics revolution, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Advanced Data Science.

Over the next few years, the vast majority of organisations are expected to have (or be swiftly moving towards) cloud-based BI & Analytics systems to meet their data, infrastructure and software needs. The ability to scale up as an organisation’s growth demands, makes a good business case for itself and an increasingly appealing proposition for enterprises of all sizes.

Data Visualisation aims to go beyond the techniques used in more familiar visualisation methods, such as graphs, pie charts and Venn diagrams. Instead, advanced Data Visualisation software uses more sophisticated representations, such as heat mapping. SpotLyt is a real-time visualisation and analytics tool for business intelligence, allowing organisations to understand the bigger picture or drill down into your data. Powered by GPUs, SpotLyt can produce the insights you need at the speed of thought. The end-to-end solution integrates with the Brytlyt platform, and has intuitive coding, scripting and geospatial mapping capabilities.

These new techniques require advanced systems that can collect raw data, process it and transform it into accessible graphical representations for humans to see data stories. BrytlytDB enables an agile and future-proofed approach to data. Introducing speed, context, and AI to massive amounts of data, transforming how you perform analytics.

Business and customer data is growing faster than ever. BrytlytDB ensures you stay ahead of the curve by enabling you to consolidate, combine and analyse vast and complex datasets at the speed of thought.

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