The Best CRM and Project Management Software

The information kept in a team or departmental database doesn’t benefit sales, marketing, customer service, project teams, or the organization. Today, businesses are implementing a single platform with connected business data to meet customer demands.

Companies can reap several benefits by combining CRM, project management, time tracking, and other tools. Integrating CRM and project management software into your business is the best way to achieve an enhanced workflow.

This article explains the importance and benefits of CRM and project management software and gives recommendations on which system is the best if you recently obtained a certification in project management and need an extra hand.

What Is Project Management Software?

All aspects of a project can be planned and tracked using project management software. Teams are given visibility into workflows. Flow charts track progress.

A project management app is also a collaboration tool. The app allows you to manage resources and customize workflows in real-time. Teams of any size can distribute work efficiently using task lists and subtasks. Timesheets and time tracking tools also make team collaboration easier. File sharing, document management, and storage help centralize assets and information.

You can choose between SaaS cloud-based solutions and on-premise systems for project management. Most of these solutions have a mobile app. What is the benefit of such a tool? Costs can be controlled, and deadlines can be met with the help of project management software. This allows tracking complex projects and collaborative work to become more efficient.

What Is CRM Project Management Software?

With CRM (customer relationship management) software, users can manage customer information and relationships to improve business relationships. CRM software enables companies to maintain customer relationships, deliver a satisfying customer experience, and encourage repeat business, loyalty, and referrals.

Meanwhile, project management software enables users to achieve goals more efficiently by implementing best practices and processes. CRM project management is a platform that combines two business applications to streamline data and provide customers with a consistent customer experience. Project management focuses on defining tasks, identifying resources, and tracking efforts toward benefiting customers through CRM.

5 Top CRM and Project Management Software

Our list of top CRM and project management software systems enables businesses to meet customer expectations, scale easily with their growth, and easily maintain processes.


DevRev is, API-first, dev-centric CRM that leverages data, design, and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their businesses. The platform that connects developers to customers and helps organizations become Customer and Product centric. DevRev PLuG platform provides an easy-to-use experience that empowers your end users and customer-facing teams with ready access to relevant information to enable more effective communication. Our intention isn’t just to enable a support team, it’s to shift the way customer support and success are approached to benefit the end user, the organization, and the customer support and success team(s).


Salesforce offers CRM platforms for businesses of all sizes. This platform is an integrated system that connects sales, marketing, e-commerce, and other products in order to provide users with a single point of access. Developed with flexibility and scalability in mind, CRM can be used by organizations in any industry quickly and effectively.


Asana is an online project management software. The tool has features that can be used by teams as diverse as marketing, sales, and product development. By utilizing the software, sales and account management teams can define processes, improve efficiency, and ensure that team members spend more time engaging prospects and retaining customers.

Templates are provided for closing deals and onboarding clients. The software also streamlines pre-sales requests, automates customer onboarding, and tracks real-time account status to deliver excellent customer service.


CEO-ME can be used as a CRM as well as a project management application. The software offers a highly customizable solution that can be used to track sales leads and manage projects seamlessly. The software can also help businesses organize, acquire, and update information about leads and contacts!

The CEO-ME platform allows teams to keep track of all contacts, project timelines, and communication in one place. Using it makes it easier to set goals, identify priorities, organize customer folders, delegate tasks, set deadlines, and track leads and clients. Some features include:

  • Client list views
  • Custom statuses
  • Automated updates
  • Intake forms
  • Shared calendars
  • Gantt charts


Insightly offers CRM and project management features. In addition to providing unified customer data, it aligns teams across the organization so they can focus on marketing, sales, project management, and service activities. A holistic approach provides users with all the information they need to build a complete picture of the customer throughout the buying journey. With custom fields, objects, and apps, users can customize standard contact, lead, and opportunity management processes. In addition, it has dynamic page layouts, calculated fields, and lambda functions.


Using TeamWave, you can manage your projects, your employees, and your CRM at the same time. For companies, it provides a platform for coordinating sales, projects, teams, and clients. With its contacts database, the tool provides a clear picture of customers, a visual sales pipeline that encourages teams to take action, and a team calendar for scheduling and tracking important dates. Besides its user-friendly interface, it has mobile and web apps as well as integration with Google apps. A user can also view a list interactively, manage tasks and projects, access HRMS, generate reports, and customize their designs.

Must-have Features of CRM Software for Project Management

A CRM project management solution should have the following features.

Centralized data: This makes it easy for team members to access comprehensive, up-to-date customer information.

Ease of use: Users can spend more time interacting with customers than on the CRM with intuitive features such as point-and-click tools and drag-and-drop builders.

Built-in collaboration: Teams can communicate more efficiently.

Process integration: Ensures seamless handover from pre-sales to post-sales activities.

Visual tracking: Incorporates lead, deal, project, task, communication, and issue tracking tools into teams.

Customization: Creates a more personalized customer experience, improves processes and provides more insights.

Dashboards and reports: Analyze marketing, sales, and customer service metrics and provide project information on-demand.

Project templates: Provides teams with the ability to quickly set up projects and workflows without the need for training in project management.

Automation and integration: Smart alerts and notifications remind customers and leads of important information. Integrations enable CRM and project management software to be expanded and scaled.

CRM and Project Management Software: The Path to Higher Productivity

It isn’t impossible to serve the customer and the employee simultaneously. Consider your current project management and CRM options. Do a deep dive and check whether they are truly helping both employees and customers.

CRM project management software is the answer if you want a seamless customer experience. You might be surprised at what CEO-ME can do for your customers and employees, resulting in increased satisfaction, productivity, and growth. Try it out for free!

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