The best financial apps of 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many people financially. Some people have benefited financially due to the impact of the pandemic while others may have lost their job, switched careers, or have found themselves experiencing hard financial times for other reasons. However, the majority of people who were negatively impacted are experiencing the worst situation with their finances as the pandemic continues to rage on.

The same can be said of people in countries that are experiencing a recession.  If you have experienced a problem with your finances for whatever reason, then you may find yourself seeking help with the creation of a budget among other financial help. Perhaps you are in need of tips to cutting back on spending, or advice on how to save money wherever possible? In 2022, you need better financial planning so that you can spend your money wisely and save at the same time.

There is no better way to manage your finances than by downloading and using the best financial apps of 2022.  In this write-up, we shall consider the best financial apps of 2022 that you can use.

Here are the best financial apps of 2022:

  1.   Edward Jones Investing

You can download a suitable application on your phone so you can easily access Edward Jones. This free app is primarily made as an investment tool. With this app, you can easily link to your investments, watch your investment over time and control your contributions from your phone. Through the app, you will also have access to your spending, account statements, and advise from account professionals. Customer service is easily reached by way of the app which makes the management of your investments through Edward Jones easy and convenient. 

  1. Mint

This has been one of the best financial budgeting apps for quite some time. It has over twenty million users and therefore has a good reputation. This can be said of the app even in 2022. Once you sync your accounts, the app can categorize your transactions automatically. These expenses are categorized as food, utilities, lifestyle and entertainment, and so on. You can also add your categories if you need to. The app can also help you with your investment goals. Once it identifies your spending pattern, Mint is then able to guide you appropriately so your financial budgeting can be streamlined.

  1.   You Need a Budget

“You Need a Budget” is another good app for people who want to do what is known as “zero budgeting”. Zero budgeting is a type of financial planning where your income minus your expenses should be zero. In this kind of budgeting model, you should ensure that your spending is equal to your earnings. With this app, personal finance is approached and done extensively. The app also allows one to sync their accounts. This app is not designed for casual users as it is a complex tool for people who can create and strictly adhere to a detailed budget.

  1.   PocketGuard

For those who do not want to budget down to the last coin, BudgetGuard is the appropriate app for them. It helps you categorize your spending and budget based on such categories. This app is suitable for people who just want to know how much they have left after paying monthly bills. The app will help calculate how much money one has after they have paid all their monthly expenses and all necessities. One good thing about this app is that it will track how much you spend by week or month. It has another feature where it scours your bills and identifies ways such bills can be reduced.

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