The Best For Sale By Owner Websites to List Homes in 2024

Selling your home yourself can be a cost-effective way to reach potential buyers. For Sale By Owner websites are a great tool to showcase your property and save on Realtor commissions Choosing one that best suits your budget can be overwhelming. So, here is our curated list of the 5 best FSBO platforms in 2024!

5 Best For Sale By Owner Websites in America 

Here are the top FSBO websites to list your home for sale:


Houzeo is America’s #1 For Sale By Owner website. They also offer Flat Fee MLS services, through which you can get on the MLS. This will help your property attract buyers nationwide. Not only that, by paying a flat fee, you can also potentially save 3% in Realtor commissions.

Houzeo also offers advanced tech tools that help you review and compare offers online. Their high-tech dashboard lets you easily manage showing requests from buyers and agents alike. They also have a  5-star customer support team who will assist you throughout your FSBO journey.


Fizber connects FSBO sellers with local brokers to get your listing on the MLS. Alongside this, they also offer off-market listing opportunities at no charge. This broadens your property’s reach significantly compared to a standalone FSBO listing. 

Fizber lets you showcase your property for free on its platform. Overall, listing through Fizber reduces commission costs for sellers. They also offer full refunds for Flat Fee MLS packages if you request it within 30 days.

iSoldMyHouse is a licensed broker that offers Flat Fee MLS services. Furthermore, they provide cash offers and facilitate connections between sellers and partner agents. They also work with local brokers to streamline their MLS service.

All buyer leads are forwarded to you through their messaging service, this eliminates the need for third-party intervention. Additionally, you can save up to 3% in Realtor commission through listing on them


Zillow is a popular real estate website that offers FSBO services. Their website has about more than 200 million monthly visitors nationwide. It’s quite easy to list your home on Zillow. Simply sign up and create your account, and you can start the listing process.

Zillow offers a free FSBO listing option. However, these listings typically appear in a separate section from agent listings, reducing their visibility. Lastly, you can cancel your FSBO listing without any additional charges or hidden costs with this company. is one of the oldest FSBO sites in the country.  Its primary goal is to facilitate direct connections between sellers and buyers, bypassing the need for an MLS listing. They also offer the opportunity to list your house at no cost on their website. lets you interact directly with the buyer through their messaging system ensuring seamless communication throughout the selling process. You also retain full control of pricing, negotiation, and decision-making over your property during the sale. 

Benefits of Using an FSBO Website:

Here are the benefits of using FSBO sites to list your home:

    • Cost Savings: With FSBO websites you will save up to 3% on real estate agents, saving commissions. 
    • Increased Visibility: FSBO websites expand your reach to a larger pool of potential buyers, significantly increasing the likelihood of achieving a fast sale.
    • Control Over Listing: Sellers who list their homes through FSBO sites have more control over the entire sale process.
  • Increased Transparency: FSBO websites facilitate transparency as the seller can directly interact with the interested buyer. This leads to better negotiation and clear communication.

How to Choose the Best FSBO Website?

Here are some important things to consider when looking for the best website:

  • Maximum Exposure: Find a website that maximizes your property’s exposure through MLS listing, social media sharing, and customizable yard signs.
  • Strong Technology: Seek out websites with features such as virtual tours, crisp imagery, and intuitive interfaces, as these elements contribute to a smoother user experience.
  • 5-Star Customer Service: Find a website that provides prompt and helpful customer service that can contribute to the smoothness of your real estate transaction.

Bottom Line

In this blog, we have provided some ways to choose the best FSBO websites. Leveraging For Sale By Owner websites offer a cost-effective means to reach potential buyers, potentially saving up to 3% on realtor commissions while granting increased control over the entire selling process.

With expanded visibility to a wider audience and direct interaction with interested buyers, these platforms empower sellers with transparency and efficiency, making them valuable tools in the pursuit of a successful home sale.

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