The Best Gambling Bloggers to Follow and Learn

Wagering in online casinos is a huge and rapidly expanding industry. It draws hundreds of players who are willing to spend a lot of money in order to try their fortune and win some money. Players may play a range of activities such as roulette, baccarat, and best slots online on virtual and local wagering platforms. New and experienced players alike seek out the most recent games, the highest rewards, and undiscovered tips and methods in order to hit the jackpot.

Following gambling bloggers, those who comprehend the world of the internet and traditional casinos and like offering their ideas and expertise is the simplest approach to acquire such information. Betting sites and casinos frequently engage gambling influencers to assist them in acquiring a bigger audience and persuading others to join the wave. Here are a few of the finest bloggers in the business to look at, whether you’re a brand seeking artists that can draw viewers or a player searching for a trustworthy gambler to follow:

  • Lady Luck
  • Payne Insider
  • Vegas Low Roller
  • Dave Dealer
  • RocknRolla
  • Dasha Downey.

Lady Luck

Francine is a well-known betting blogger with approximately 203k subscriptions. As she is often known, Lady Luck is the most well-known female-hosted slots program on YouTube. She also has a large following on Facebook, having over 175,000 followers. She also focuses on other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Francine’s audience is predominantly American, although she also works with foreign businesses. She is quite engaged on the social internet and frequently uploads videos on YouTube, some of which have already received millions of views. The majority of her articles are on jackpots and how to win large. In addition, she broadcasts her casino excursions live on YouTube and Facebook.

This has been demonstrated to be a successful means of encouraging participation. Follow her on Instagram, where she discusses her lifestyle as a wagering blogger, to learn further about her personal life. Due to her professional experience, Lady Luck was promoted by Caesars Prizes, a virtual wagering game where players can receive awards. Francine can help brands reach a bigger audience since she understands how to keep individuals engaged.

Payne Insider

Payne is a well-known sports wagerer who started his profession on Twitter. He is an avid player renowned for being a reliable gaming expert. He regards betting as an investment as a way to make money. Payne looks to be a college football specialist, and his major interest is in sports betting. His forecasts are frequently correct, and he frequently discusses major games such as the Super Bowl. Listen to his Bet The Board Pod program for the most up-to-date odds and info. PayneInsider, where fans can acquire membership packages and gain betting incentives, is another option for those who desire more.

However, bear in mind that he specialises primarily in soccer and basketball, so you won’t learn much about additional games from him. For the most recent developments, you may also observe him on Twitter. He has almost 41.4k connections on the network, and he appears to be fairly active. The guy has been endorsed by many well-known companies, including FanDuel Sportsbook, and might be an excellent alternative for companies looking to engage with a wagering blogger specializing in sports wagering.

Vegas Low Roller

Vegas Low Roller appears to be a slot machine enthusiast who shares his gaming enthusiasm with approximately 134,000 Subscriptions. His movies show his excursions to resorts in Las Vegas and some of the slot machine successes. He doesn’t claim to be a professional player, but he’s published a series of recordings featuring enormous payments, including the rare hand pay jackpot. His videos are vibrant and fun to watch. They’re not only designed to enlighten viewers but also to entertain them, as the man enjoys himself.

Those looking for solid knowledge, on the other hand, should keep an eye out for films in which he discusses how to win high prizes. His content is thorough and trustworthy. You will also receive tips on how to put the optimal bets if you desire to win. The man recently made headlines after releasing his goods and cooperating with a number of businesses, including Blue Chip Casino. He might be an excellent choice for organizations trying to advertise their actual wagering business because his major focus is on actual casinos.

Dave Dealer

Dave started his profession as a cruise ship casino operator. Dave has over 1,000 Followers on Facebook and is now considered an expert in making a profit through online casinos. His main purpose is to help others make money through gaming. By the way, find out if gaming can bring people together. Anyway, begin by watching Dave’s renowned instructional videos on how to choose the finest website to try your luck on. He isn’t very active on social media. He seems to be focusing more on his webpage, where novice and experienced gamblers may explore a variety of heavy-paying slots and read the newest evaluations. You’ll also be kept up to date on the latest bonuses and offers, guaranteeing that you don’t skip out on a great deal. Brands engaged in promoting virtual gambling services can approach virtual casino blogger Dave.


Anybody who has spent plenty of time in the betting community is acquainted with RocknRolla. He’s been operating since 2008 and has over 70.6k followers on YouTube, where he routinely produces videos. The individual, who describes himself as a ‘natural gambler,’ is engaged on Twitch, where he live broadcasts gambling-related activities such as best slots online, poker, and blackjack. His channel’s biggest feature is that he doesn’t only speak about triumphs; he also loves to showcase his defeats. It is vital to underline that gambling is a game of chance, and you may not earn a lot of money.

He started his group, dubbed ‘The Gambling Community,’ where other gamblers may share their news and personal stories. RocknRolla was endorsed by Big Win Board, a website dedicated to providing evaluations on the finest casinos and digital slot games that differ by location. He has a good record and may be an asset to any organization. In case you’re looking for podcasts about cryptos, check Welcome To Crypto Island that explores the world of cryptocurrency.

Dasha Downey

Dasha is a newcomer to the world of gaming influencers. She is, however, far more than a sports betting blogger. If you look at her social media page, you’ll notice that she’s also a supermodel. She has approximately 1.7k followers and a blog that highlights her gambling problem. She’s combined her interest in music with her sense of adventure. The celebrity likes travelling throughout the world in search of the greatest casinos. She keeps a journal of her adventures and shares what she learns with her expanding fan following.

Dasha refers to herself as a gambling dealer and claims to have extensive expertise in the act of wager distribution. She is also a specialist in payment processing. Dasha is a great influencer to work with if you’re an international casino trying to expand your reach. Although she is not the most renowned name in the industry, she gradually grows rapidly and could be the next big deal.

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