The Best Online Coding Classes Do It Differently

There’s no shortage of after-school programs claiming to teach kids STEM skills, as we live in a society dominated by technology, and parents everywhere want their children to be ready for the future. However, not all programs are of the same quality.

Please read on to learn more about what separates the best online coding programs from the rest.

Video Games Are Everything

Leaders in teaching online coding classes, like Real Programming 4 Kids, put video games at the centre of what they do in a couple of ways. First, they teach kids how to program and design their own video games, ones they can play afterwards with friends and family. When the aim of the class is something that kids genuinely yearn for, teachers won’t have to push them hard to learn.

Secondly, the best programming courses use gamification to make the lessons more exciting and engaging. Gamification refers to the dynamics that make kids so addicted to video games, but it’s used here to hook kids on learning rather than playing.

Vital Coding Languages

There isn’t one thing called “coding.” Rather, there are multiple coding languages that programmers should know. Some of these languages are more in demand than others. Knowing how to write code in the languages that employers expect employees to know is a great way to set up kids for the workforce of tomorrow.

Look for a program that teaches the following vital coding languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Even young kids should start with a real coding language, not a drag-and-drop program only meant to give kids a sense of what coding is like. They should be able to grow and develop their skills within each language before advancing to the next one.

Kids of all experience and skill levels will be stimulated but never overwhelmed.

Small Classrooms

Some coding classes try to pack too many students per session. As a result, teachers need to raise their voices, as the rowdy atmosphere makes them distracted. Students can fall through the cracks when they don’t get their teacher’s full attention.

The leading online coding classes cap sessions at four students per class, so there is a maximum of three other students. Teachers won’t have to guess students’ names, and students won’t have to struggle to be heard and seen.

Young, Expert Teachers 

The best coding programs hire young teachers who study computer science and computer engineering for two reasons. Young teachers also grew up playing video games, and their love for coding and first-hand experience gaming in youth will trickle down to their students.

Today’s computer engineers know all the most current information about programming. If teenagers have questions about where coding knowledge can take them after school, they’ll have a perfect resource to consult. 

Many programs boast about imparting STEM skills to kids, but some of them cut corners. Don’t sign up your child for online coding classes unless they offer all of the benefits described above.