The Best Slot Games for Your Android

Playing slots today is super exciting. The games are designed better than ever, with lots of throught and effort invested into immersing you in the fantasy world the reels are spinning in.

With casinos moving online, slots evolved ever further, and nowadays you can even play them on the go thanks to smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you play for fun or to win cash: All the slot machines you love can fit in your pocket. In fact, mobile slots have become so popular that providers often publish them as standalone Android apps, so players don’t even have to register at an online casino to play.

However, browsing the casino section on Google Play is exhausting. There are thousands upon thousands of games there and just browsing and trying out the top games in each category can take hours, maybe even days. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and are here to present a selection of six amazing slot games that you should definitely try on your Android device.

Jackpot Storm

Fun and unique – that’s how we’d describe Jackpot Storm. Instead of going the classic and, truth be told, kinda boring route, of cramping as many fruit machines and Egypt-themed games as it can, Jackpot Storm casino instead chose more colorful themes for its slots. There’s scuba diving, cowboys, superheroes, and more in this game. Each slot is completely original, colorful, and easy to play. Jackpot Storm also awards free coins every two hours and through mini games, so you can really play whenever you like.

Caesars Slots

Looking for an authentic Las Vegas experience? Then look no further than Playtika’s Caesars Slots. This game offers variations on popular slots you may find at giant Vegas casinos, games like Cleopatra, Wild Hold, and Aztec Jungle. New players are welcomed with a generous 100,000 coin bonus, and there are many daily challenges to complete for more free play opportunities.

Titan Slots III

The latest and greatest from Game Mania Studios, Titan Slots III, is an epic slots adventure. Granted, you can’t play with real money on this slot, but that doesn’t make it any less memorable. Each game is accompanied by impressive 3D graphics and animated avatars that react to your every win. You’ll get to overcome daily challenges with great prizes, unlock bonus games, and unique modes that really take this app to the next level.

Downtown Deluxe Slots

This is one of the highest-rated slots on Google Play, and with good reason. Downtown Deluxe Slots offers fresh new games every week themed after popular Vegas titles. This app features some of the best 2D graphics in the slots realm, with beautiful animations and exciting themes that capture the imagination. It’s also a great place to score bonuses, as the game will frequently dish out bonus spins and coins, or even send you exclusive offers via notifications.

Players Paradise Casino Slots

The authentic Vegas experience is hard to replicate on a smartphone’s small screen, but 616 Digital did it. The provider took some of the hottest games from the Strip and created its own spin on them, resulting in one of the best experiences for slot fans. This app is loaded with 40 top-notch games and, to get you started, it rewards you with half a million coins right off the bat. That’s right, 500,000 coins! And the fun doesn’t end there, as you can expect non-stop rewards and bonus games.

Epic Jackpot Slots

Probably the highest-rated slot game on Android, Epic Jackpot Slots hold an impressive 4.8 score, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Obviously, the “Epic” is there for a reason. This game is jam-packed with slots: 55 games and counting. It’s updated twice a month with new titles and bonus modes, but that’s not even the best thing about it: You can win 100 million bonus coins on it just for playing for the first time! If you end up liking this game, we also recommend checking out games from this provider, as each rewards you with millions of coins in bonuses.

As you can see, there are many amazing Android games that replicate that Las Vegas look and feel. All of the aforementioned games are free to download and play, each rewarding extra plays through ads and other fun offers. Let us know if you’ve played any of these, or if you’ve found other amazing Android slots. And, as always, have fun and good luck!