The Best Strategies to Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Don’t get bent out of shape if your storage unit is unorganized. That’s something that can be easily solved. Whether this is your first storage unit, or you’ve had one for a while, sometimes you need some inspiration and tips on how to stay organized.

Many residents in metropolitan areas use storage units for their business and personal needs. For some, it may be due to downsizing or renovations. For others, their house or apartment may not be large enough to store everything or their business is expanding and they’re moving offices. Regardless of the reason, keeping the contents of your storage unit organized is key to successfully utilizing your storage space.

Label Everything for Inventory

It’s important to be intentional with your storage space unit. However you decide to label everything, make sure you’re keeping track with an inventory list. Mark your boxes with a sharpie on the outside and take note of the contents inside the box. The more details the better. Developing a system from the beginning will make it easier to keep track of your belongings.

Stick To Large Boxes

Large boxes are quite versatile. They can be used to store anything from clothes to appliance and décor. They’re also very easy to stack. All your heavy boxes can be placed at the bottom for you to build from the ground up. Did you know that StorageBlue can help with this? If you need to purchase boxes on site, we’ve got you covered.

Use The Vertical Storage Method

Have you ever heard that vertical storage is a great storage solution for all your needs? Not only does it save you time organizing, but it makes for easy access. Using this method, you’ll be able to create a walkway to move around your unit. Especially if you’re using your storage unit for long-term storage solutions. Vertical storage and building out shelves can be extremely useful. 

Decide What Should Be In Front

To make your storage visits productive, having the items you frequently use in the front is a smart choice. The last thing you want to do is find yourself digging around and unpacking everything you’ve organized. This is another reason why packing vertically can be beneficial. Consider stacking a short pile in the front that you can easily sort through if needed.

Choose A Large Unit Over A Small One

Mastering the art of packing a storage unit is no joke and depending on the unit size, you can face some difficulties. Of course, there are certain circumstance where a small storage unit will suffice but we suggest getting something on the larger size. Think about it like this, you’d rather have room to grow into your storage unit instead of getting something too small. You’ll also want to use a larger space if you’re planning on adding shelves and hooks for organization. 

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