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You can sell your videos online on a number of streaming services that are available over the internet. But nowadays, many people build their own sites to promote their videos and earn money. 

Therefore, the streaming service that you will host is the one that is best for you. This may sound a little strange. However, if you are familiar with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar, your journey will be somewhat simpler.

So, in this article, we’ll look at how to sell videos online, several methods of monetizing video material, and considerations to make when doing so.

How to sell your videos online?

1. Identify the Target Market

You choose your target market in the first phase. To put it another way, you need to decide what kinds of videos you’ll sell and to whom. You can do this by researching the market and contacting your audience directly or through surveys. Spend some time determining whether there is a market for what you are selling.

Moreover, you may advance your study by thoroughly analyzing the SWOT of the key competitors in the market.

2. Take Inspiration for your Content

To find out if there is a market for your work, you can conduct extensive research on video streaming websites like YouTube, Udemy, and even social media platforms like TikTok.

You should be able to create an elevator presentation regarding your online video service once you’ve planned your content strategy. However, you can also outline the material for each individual video to take it a step further.

3. Develop a Marketing Strategy

The streaming platform is the most crucial factor to consider now that everything is planned. Building SVOD websites is a lot of labor, like Netflix. Considering what SVOD means? Your viewers can access your material by paying a monthly or yearly charge via subscription video on demand (SVOD). For it, you need an enormous number of resources, including technical expertise as well as equipment.

What kind of video monetization strategies are there?

AVOD (Advertising video on demand)

Monetization refers to the technique of producing money from videos. On-demand video content can be made money via one of three major methods. The most well-liked business strategy is streaming video advertising. The makers of the videos charge for the right to display banner ads, pop-up windows, or videos that play before, during, or after the video content.

SVOD (Subscription video on demand)

Subscription video on demand is the name of the second video monetization strategy. This arrangement shields you from the streaming services’ monetization and recommendation algorithms, which may be very unpleasant for content producers.

TVOD (Transactional video on demand or pay-per-view)

Transaction video on demand is the ultimate approach. Customers may now pay for exactly the material they want to view and watch it as often as they like, thanks to this. So, now once you have understood how this process functions, we’ll explain how it can aid in your ability to generate income.

What does the best streaming platform look like?

You will require a hosting platform that offers you the greatest experience for hosting, organizing, and distributing all of your videos if you want to make your video platform stand out. A website for hosting videos serves as both a tool and a place to store all of your videos.

You must first comprehend the functionalities of the video hosting platform you are choosing if you want to know how your streaming platform will perform. So, we’ve outlined some of the essential criteria that you must consider when choosing a video hosting service here.

1. Video Management Tool

For you to free up more time for production, the best video hosting services enable you to upload, store, organize, and distribute your video content from a single spot. Additionally, you want to use advanced metadata set up to organize, tag, filter your media and show relevant videos to your audience. 

2. Live Streaming Platform

The more people who watch, the better, so it’s crucial to promote every event across all of your social media platforms. A video hosting service must therefore have the ability to organize a safe live event with live chat for your audience.

3. Video on Demand and OTT TV

The video-on-demand platform is entirely white-labeled and can be customized with your company’s logo and color scheme to match your corporate identity. By doing this, you may provide the audience with a distinctive and consistent viewing experience across all platforms, such as desktops and mobile devices as well as smart tv setup boxes. Therefore, it is a feature that the video hosting platform you are searching for should offer as one of its offerings.

4. Interactive Video 

You need more than just interesting video content to stand out in a crowded market. Additionally, you need the correct technologies to put your movies in front of the right audiences and direct them toward a less complicated purchasing process. You can achieve this by using the appropriate video hosting platform that includes a full video marketing suite and powers interactive video features to engage with your audience and boost conversion.

To sell your videos online, choose the best streaming platform from among the numerous available on the internet. Additionally, you can make a rough estimate of how much you would charge and which option would be the best.

VIXY – The Best video streaming platform to sell video content online

For video content creators who want to profit from their own video platform in a professional manner, there is VIXY. By using it, you can provide the user with a distinctive and consistent SVOD and TVOD viewing experience across all devices. Overall, it makes it possible to practice making money from your video material. Additionally, VIXY provides a deeper interaction with Google Analytics so users can track specific occurrences right from the video player.


The popularity of video on demand has soared as society begins to navigate the seas of distance education and internet entertainment. Therefore, this is the ideal time to develop your skills and make a nice living by selling your videos online.

Thus, if you want to launch a video streaming platform with SVOD and TVOD payments, , you should attempt to concentrate on key markets. So, you can count on VIXY for dependable video hosting and super-fast video playback anywhere in the world.

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