The best subwoofer box for car

When we do research and buy our subwoofer for our car system. We sometimes forget to buy an enclosure box that can increase the sound quality. They cant do an excellent job without a box. A subwoofer box can help to remove the vibrations and noises from the surrounding.

They also help to keep your subwoofer safe from mechanical damage. A good enclosure can help you have nice bass and good sound quality. You can increase the audio quality of your music system. They are designed so that sound waves can travel from the rare side of the car to the front side. It can add the bass extension as well and reduce sound interference. Some people go for building their subwoofer box and end up wasting their own money. Before buying an enclosure box, check the RMS power to know if your car can handle the speaker. So instead of making your subwoofer box, a person should go for the factory-made custom subwoofer. They are specially designed for cars and trucks. You need a good subwoofer box for an excellent audio quality music system. We will go through a guide on choosing the best subwoofer box for your vehicle.

Type of Enclosure 

Sealed Boxes

It is an enclosure that is fully sealed from all sides without vents for airflow. It has single or multiple cutting so that subwoofer can be placed in it. As we know, there are no vents for airflow, so when the speaker vibrates, it creates pressure. It needs a lot of power to overcome the pressure in the subwoofer box. The extra pressure, in return, helps to produce more accurate sounds.

Ported Boxes

They are opposite in design compared to sealed boxes. They have a small hole on the bottom side of the box that allows airflow in the subwoofer box. They produce less accurate sound as compared to sealed boxes. Without air pressure, the speaker takes less power and has large bass.

Bandpass Boxes

This advanced subwoofer box combines sealed Enclosures with a ported box. It is designed in such a way that it consists of two chambers. The first one is the sealed chamber that produces significant pressure inside. A ported box is built-in in Infront of it. This design helps to make more bass and better sound quality.

Free-Air Subwoofer Boxes

These types of subwoofers are not enclosed inside a box. Instead, they are attached to the rear deck. It can also be mounted on the truck of your car’s back seat. The trunk of the car acts as an enclosure for the subwoofer. It can help to isolate the low frequencies quickly. Moreover, it reduces the distorted sound from surrounding areas without an enclosure system. They are specially designed for free air use.

SINGLE Subwoofer Box

Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Box

This kind of subwoofer box is best for smaller cars. They work perfectly in smaller spaces containing a single subwoofer sound system. They are made with MDF and are carpeted according to your car’s interior. The BBOX subwoofer box feels nice and durable. It does not easily wear or tear even after prolonged use. They come at an affordable price. They can fit in the tight space of your car as well.

As we know, it is smaller, so a bigger subwoofer cannot fit perfectly. Using a smaller subwoofer in this box will fit perfectly, giving good quality sound and bass. It can create a good audio output for your car.

Key Features

  • It Provides great quality of sound
  • Good RMS Power
  • Good bass
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Carpeted finish


  • Bandbox Attend
  • Weight9.125 inches

Atrend Subwoofer Box

This type of enclosure comes at a reasonable price. It is a simple, effective subwoofer box with excellent value for money. The trend subwoofer box is a 12-inch box. The size might look small for some, so before buying it, look for the size of your subwoofer. It will be perfect if you want it for your small car. It comes in 10-15 inch variations, so you don’t need to worry. It has a house in decent size subwoofer. It can produce a good bass sound.

It is slim and angled to fit at the back of your car or in the trunk. You should know that it does not take up much space in the car but still give a great sound. This makes it ideal for small cars with a useless music system. Adding this to your music system will surely make your music sound magical to the ears. It is surely made for those who want to try a subwoofer system in the car for the first time. It is also carpeted to give the best look to it.

Key Features

  • Slimline
  • Can fit in the back of the car
  • Carpeted subwoofer box
  • Good frequency response
  • Small size
  • Also available in 10- and 15-inch ports
  • Angled to better suit vehicle space


  • Branda trend
  • Weight11.125 inches

Dual subwoofer enclosure Box

Q Power Dual Subwoofers Speaker Box

They are a little more expensive than another subwoofer box available on the market. This enclosure design has a unique design and functions than other boxes available on the market. It can produce more strong and deep bass sounds as it can house two subwoofer speakers. It is perfect if you like to listen to those rock black metal music. You can play any type of music on it. They have a good enclosure volume for your speakers. It has dual subwoofer cuttings.

This subwoofer box comes with no carpeting. It is made up of a good quality MDF material. The box is durable and strong, making it perfect for your subwoofer. It can save them from mechanical damage during road travel. They can be fitted into the back of your car. Using this subwoofer box can give you great sound quality with deep bass. The dual subwoofers box is vented to reduce pressure and make better bass.

Key Features

  • Vented
  • Deep bass
  • Non-carpeted
  • High RMS Power
  • A double subwoofer speaker can fit in
  • Made with MDF
  • Good frequency response
  • fit at the back of the car
  • Very popular option


  • BrandQ Power
  • Weight35.8 pounds

Truck sub boxes

ASC Hatchback Dual 12-Inch Subwoofer Box

These boxes come at an affordable price. They are specially designed for trucks as they have a wedge-like shape. They have an airtight seal. This shape lets the subwoofer box fit easily in your trucks. It comes with a hatchback design that works in such a way that it directs the bass toward the trunk space. It can produce deeper and richer sounds in your truck. The bass output of these enclosures is really good. It can work on different audio systems. The shape of the box can give you a more bass response.

The walls of the truck Subwoofer Enclosure are made of MDF material. The airtight seal of the enclosure creates good sound quality. It is carpeted with different good quality materials, making the box look more elegant. They have spring-loaded terminals so that the connection is proper. They have two subwoofer enclosures to house mid-range to 12-inch subwoofer speakers. When this is turned on, it is perfect for any type of music. The bass sound is of good quality.

Key Features

  • Hatchback design
  • Wedge shape
  • designed for truck
  • Carpeted subwoofer box
  • Angled to better suit vehicle space
  • Dual 12″ inch

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