The Biggest Trends in eSports in 2023

Esports are rapidly growing in popularity, especially among teenagers and young adults. In the past, players could only play multiplayer games using special hardware with efficient cooling systems. However, the latest innovations have led to mobile gaming, increasing the number of eSport enthusiasts.

Let’s see some eSports trends that most players anticipate in 2023.

Women and eSports

E-sport gaming is no longer male-dominated since more women are playing multiplayer games for fun and entertainment. For instance, gaming statistics show that about 40% of American players are female. Similarly, there is a rapid increase in female players in Asian countries like Japan and India.

Nowadays, many CS: GO and League of Legends tournaments feature female participants. For example, Berlin International Gaming has a women’s team called BIG Chroma. The group focuses on nurturing young female players to become professional League of Legends athletes.

The trend has inspired developers to create women-centric games to attract more females to eSports. Examples of games with female leaders include Horizon, Child of Light, and Tomb Raider, and the list might grow in 2023.

eSports in the Metaverse

Metaverse is basically a virtual space that integrates augmented reality with social media, cryptocurrencies, and online gaming. You can join the network and manage virtual assets through your avatar.

In 2023, game developers might explore the Metaverse by creating games that can work with digital objects in the metaverse. For instance, there might be a section where you can watch eSport tournaments in a virtual reality space.

Furthermore, gamers can receive cash prizes in form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other lite coins. Additionally, spectators might pay to view live events using crypto rather than fiat money.

Rise in Wearable Gaming Accessories

People started playing eSports using simple input/output devices such as keyboards, mice, and ordinary screens. However, advancement in gaming technology has led to a wide range of wearable electronic gadgets with smart sensors.

The sensors track your body movement and gestures for a smooth gaming experience. Also, they can analyze your performance, fatigue, and playtime and make recommendations.

Further, players are switching from console gaming to virtual reality entertainment. For example, you can wear a visor and get immersed in a virtual environment as if it is real.

Cloud-based Gaming

Currently, many professional games have powerful gaming hardware with high-performance graphics. A modern gaming computer is costly since they are in high demand, especially in the West. Also, high-performance electronics consume more power leading to high utility bills. For that reason, more players are switching to cloud gaming to eliminate upfront costs and reduce runtime expenditures.

The number of Cloud gaming providers is expected to increase in 2023 as more players embrace the technology. Such a gaming environment is advantageous since you don’t need to install complex software to enjoy your favorite game. Additionally, you can explore several multi-player games and hone your skills by playing against a computer or virtual players.

Although cloud gaming is the future of eSports, you need fast networks such as a 5G connection to prevent lags. Therefore, only players that can afford a fiber optic connection can enjoy playing in such an ecosystem.

Development of Independent Games

Established corporations develop and maintain top eSport games, such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Consequently, most games are not free to play. Also, you might need to pay a fee to join their tournaments. The costs associated with proprietary software limit most players from exploring their full potential.

Some young programmers are trying to bridge the gap by creating free games. In 2023, more open-source games are expected to hit the market, leading to more eSport tournaments. Also, they might be compatible with Metaverse, allowing players to explore crypto gaming.

High-profile eSports Endorsements

The number of eSports networks seeking celebrity endorsement is on the rise. For instance, the partnership between Lionel Messi and PUBG Mobile has significantly increased the game’s user base. Other game developers might also collaborate with influencers to help improve their popularity across all continents.

A rise in eSports Betting

Most sportsbooks focus on real-life sporting activities such as soccer and online casino games. However, many bookies have started incorporating eSports events in their markets.

Currently, most sites with an eSports section offer markets for CSGO trading, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Surprisingly, most of them support both pre-game and live betting. The trend is attributed to the global surge of interest in multi-player games.

Mobile Gaming

Modern hand-held devices have more processing power and memory, thanks to advancements in silicon technology. As a result, a significant percentage of tablet and smartphone users are using their gadgets to play eSports. The number of mobile bettors might increase significantly in 2023 due to greater public awareness and faster internet connectivity.


The future of eSports is bright due to improvements in gaming hardware, faster internet, and the rise in popularity of different games. Also, more developers are creating modern games to meet the needs of different users, including young women. Therefore, the new trends might revolutionize game development and eSport gaming.