The Biggest Winnings Online Casino Visitors Received

Some people call the jackpot luck, others call it the result of using strategies, and some don’t believe that it’s possible to get it. Online casino slots are perceived more as entertainment than as a way to make money. However, stories about the biggest casino winnings exist, and the luckiest players receive multimillion dollar jackpots even with small bets. Read about them to believe in miracles.

$24 Million In Mega Fortune

The beginning of 2013 was lucky for Finn. The man decided to spend time on an online casino website and opened a slot called Mega Fortune. Spin brought profits of incredible size, the amount was $ 24,000,000. Interestingly, the player only spent $0.25 on bets. After winning, the man could hardly comprehend such luck.

The Mega Fortune game brought the provider NetEnt several mentions in the Book of Records.

$17.2 Million In Mega Moolah

Another story of big slot winnings happened in 2015. John Heywood from the UK often spent time at the slots. He was spinning the reels at a rate of $0.25. The man didn’t even dream of hitting the jackpot at an online casino. So when he saw the notice on the screen, he didn’t believe it.

In the morning, John went to work. However, he received a call that completely changed the man’s life. The casino representative reported the news of a big win. That’s how $0.25 turned into $17,000,000.

€11.7 Million In Mega Fortune

At the end of 2011, a young Norwegian man couldn’t sleep. So he decided to play slots. When he made the bet, he didn’t expect it to be a winning one. And certainly not that it would bring him €11,700,000.

$9.57 Million In Mega Fortune

Another lucky man from Sweden. In 2015, a man won almost $10,000,000. According to the winner, he was shocked. Thanks to the money he received, the man paid off his home loan, bought a car and went on vacation.

$8.82 Million In Mega Moolah

A user registered as D.P. in 2016 received $8,820,000 in Mega Moolah. He was interested in a promotion where he had to make a $1 deposit to become a millionaire. As the lucky man admitted, it turned out to be the most profitable investment of his life.

$8.73 Million In Hall Of Gods

Another lucky event happened in 2015 in Sweden. The winner won almost $9,000,000. The man doesn’t give any information about himself.

It should be noted that this is a popular game from NetEnt. The slot includes:

  • 5 reels;
  • 5 paylines;
  • 3 jackpots.

$8.6 Million In Mega Moolah

Georgios from Greece was a businessman. The man didn’t expect that the River Belle casino would help him get rich. He pulled down a jackpot of $8,600,000. Other players were advised by the man to have faith in fortune.

$7.86 Million In Dark Knight

The Dark Knight slot brought a big prize to one Australian. In 2016, the lucky man could hit a jackpot of $7,860,000.

The game from Microgaming is dedicated to the Batman movie. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines. There is a bonus game, free spins, and large multipliers.

€7.6 Million In Hall Of Goods

A woman from Sweden received a jackpot of € 7,600,000. She played in the slot named Hall of Goods, placing bets of $50. She said that the money is planned to spend on bank and other debts, travel and buying a car.

$7.41 Million In Mega Moolah

New Zealander Raviri Pou enriched himself by $7,410,000 in 2016. The man said the jackpot would change his family’s life. However, where exactly he planned to spend the money, he decided to leave it a secret.

Since this slot has several progressive jackpots at once, users often won large sums.