The Business of Cricket: Examining the Commercial Aspects of Indian Cricket

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The realm of Indian cricket, under the stewardship of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has undergone a transformative journey since its inception in 1928, evolving into one of the most influential and financially robust sporting bodies globally.

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The inception of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 marked a pivotal shift, catapulting the sport into a commercial behemoth that commands global attention. 

This research examines cricket from the perspectives of marketing and business, and it investigates the commercial elements of cricket in India.

The IPL and Global Cricket Economy

The Indian Premier League (IPL), initiated by Lalit Modi, has dramatically transformed the cricket business, blending sports with entertainment and engaging players, celebrities, and businesses in a lucrative cricket spectacle.

This evolution has established the IPL as a dominant force in the global sports market, with franchises and broadcasting deals reaching unprecedented values.

  • Economic Impact: The 2022 IPL Media Rights Auction positioned the IPL as the second-richest sports league globally, with rights selling for a total of $5.64 billion.
  • Franchise Ownership: An example of high-value investment is CVC Capital Partners acquiring Gujarat Titans for about $750 million.
  • Broadcasting Rights: Star India’s $2.55 billion deal for 2018-2022 highlights the intense competition and lucrative nature of IPL media rights.

This financial powerhouse that is the IPL not only underscores India’s central role in the global cricket economy but also reflects the country’s growing influence in shaping international sports entertainment. 

The league’s success story is a testament to India’s ability to innovate within traditional sports, turning cricket into a year-round festival that captivates fans worldwide and attracts significant international investment.

Cricket’s Economic Impact on India’s Domestic Economy

Cricket’s integration into the Indian economy extends far beyond its role as a national pastime, becoming a vital engine for economic activity across various sectors:

  • Merchandise Sales: The cricket merchandise sector, including apparel and memorabilia, significantly boosts retail and e-commerce, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Major tournaments like the IPL, with an economic impact of over $5 billion yearly, stimulate local economies, benefiting hotels, restaurants, and transportation.
  • Employment Opportunities: Cricket academies and event hosting create numerous jobs, from coaching roles to seasonal employment during tournaments, aiding in national job creation efforts.
  • Infrastructure Development: Investments in stadiums and training facilities not only elevate the sport’s standards but also generate business in construction and sports management.

In the midst of these sectors, Bitz sports betting stands out, tapping into cricket enthusiasts’ passion and adding to India’s expanding sports betting scene within legal boundaries. 

This area leverages cricket’s huge fan base not just for economic gain but to enhance fans’ enjoyment and awareness of the game, while advocating for responsible gambling practices.

The Financial Scorecard of Indian Cricket

Cricket in India serves as a lucrative ecosystem, benefiting players, team owners, sponsors, and broadcasters. 

The sport’s financial rewards come from a variety of sources. The following is a concise outline of Indian cricket’s financial environment, showing important stakeholders’ revenues and income sources.

Stakeholder Income Source Approximate Earnings or Revenue Share
Players Contracts, Endorsements $100,000 – $2.4 million per season*
Team Owners Sponsorships, Merchandise Sales $1 million – $20 million annually*
Sponsors Advertising, Brand Endorsements Variable; depends on campaign reach
Broadcasters Advertising, Subscription Fees $200 million – $5 billion (IPL rights)**

*Earnings for players and team owners can vary significantly based on the player’s stature and the team’s commercial success.

**Broadcast rights for the IPL alone fetched over $5 billion for a five-year deal, underscoring the immense value of cricket broadcasting rights in India.

Cricket ranks alongside India’s leading sectors like IT, pharmaceuticals, and automotive in profitability. It captivates millions, driving significant investment and consumer spending, showcasing a unique merger of entertainment and economic influence within India’s diverse cultural and commercial tapestry.


Cricket in India is a financial leader, producing enormous cash from television, sponsorships, and merchandising. 

Given the large sums at stake, the government should consider establishing a sports betting tax, using cricket’s economic strength to successfully contribute to national development and regulatory frameworks.


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