The Common Health Concerns During the Pandemic – Useful Solutions by Brian C Jensen

The world for the past year and a half has been trying to recover from the negative impacts of the pandemic outbreak. At the onset, the COVID-19 has devastated the world in innumerable ways. First and foremost, it took away the lives of many and left a huge section of the population infected. That is not all. Even the economy had suffered significantly, which made several people either lose their job or witness a salary cut. All these resulted in acute stress and tension, which started resulting in several bodily issues for people across all ages. Hence, today it is essential to recognize these issues and also remedy them. 

Easy solutions by Brian C Jensen for common health issues

Not many people were used to the concept of work from home. And it took time for many to strike a balance. In this interim and even now, many people are witnessing many physical problems, which might not raise the alarm but deserves attention to stay healthy and physically strong. Some of the common problems include the following:

  • Body aches and muscle cramps

One of the major reasons for most muscle cramps and body aches is the arrangement of working from home. Owing to this many people have been working beyond their work-time. And sitting in one position for a long time inevitably results in body aches and muscle pains. One of the best solutions for this is moving around frequently and taking necessary breaks between work. That aside, Brian C Jensen says that it is equally essential to follow a regular exercise regime that will help to keep the muscles and joints flexible and the body agile. It will not lead to any aches or pains. 

  • Stomach aches, acidity and gastritis

You can also blame the work-from-home condition for such health issues. Not moving for a long time makes the body idle and results in digestive issues. And that, in turn, leads to acidity. Furthermore, while working from home, people often skip their meals, which can lead to gastritis and stomach aches. Hence, it is necessary for people to not compromise on timely meal. They should have fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will provide them with the proper nutrition to go about their day and make sure that they stay healthy. 

  • Imbalance of hormones

It is a problem that is mostly seen in women. Usually, women who have a high-stress work profile and work from home are consumed with work and take on excess stress than required. And this stress can lead to hormonal imbalances that manifest in the physical body in many ways. One of the best ways to curtail it is by practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga can balance the body’s glandular system, and meditation can bring about a calmness in mind. It will help them to release stress and also balance their hormones better.

These are a few of the health issues as per Brain C Jensen that have been prevalent since the time pandemic came into existence. If you witness any of these issues, it’s essential to implement the measures discussed in this article.