The Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Gambling and Blockchain Casinos

It’s hard to imagine someone who has still not read or heard about cryptocurrency. What you may not know from is that cryptocurrency has become an inevitable part of gambling industry. Crypto coins have been used as a means of payment in online casinos that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium since their introduction.

Looking ahead, not only are there gambling sites where you can make deposits and withdrawals in crypto, but some of them even allow you to gamble in crypto denominations. You may wonder: “is crypto gambling legal?” The answer is “yes”. They just don’t have proper regulation.

We’d like to give you an idea on the best blockchain casinos to play as well as walk you through the steps of finding the right one.

The Sites to Choose for Gambling with Cryptocurrency

First off, let’s take a look at places for crypto gambling. Nowadays, there are a lot of online casinos like all over the world that welcome players from any country with open arms. These sites give you the best chance to use crypto as a means of payment. Some casinos allow you to play in both currencies, while others accept digital coins only. No matter which site you choose, you will find the following features:

  1. A Wide Variety of Games

Regardless of the currency you use for gambling, the most important thing for players is the game selection as well as their quality. First and foremost, gambling is entertainment. So, in general, the most enjoyable games are the ones you want to play the longest. Rest assured, the most famous Bitcoin gambling sites offer the best selection of slots and table games.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

There are a lot of benefits of using cryptocurrency. But there may also be a lot of questions you might have during the process. That is when a customer support department steps in! Look for a cryptocurrency casino that has FAQ’s on the website. Typically, you can find answers to most general questions there. As online casinos are available 24/7, you can expect support agents to be available around the clock in real-time via live chat or phone. Also, if the Bitcoin gambling site of your choice has a strong social media presence, it is obviously worth visiting. For instance, take a look at the Grand Mondial Casino rewards. This site is a high-rated one – have no doubts about it.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Apart from offering games in cryptocurrency, the other crucial thing to consider is mobile compatibility. In other words, it’s the ability to play favorite games on the go from a phone or tablet. The best online casinos that accept Bitcoin give you the chance to play their games in a mobile format. Whether they offer a native app for download or not, the quality of mobile games is very high. They are all up to the standards!

Is Cryptocurrency Good for Gambling?

These days, cryptocurrency has started becoming more popular. Therefore, more and more people want to know a few things – is crypto gambling worth considering? How should they play at an online casino for Bitcoin or other crypto? The reasons are plenty but we’d like to provide a couple of them.

  1. Security

First off, when you make a deposit with a Bitcoin to gamble, the record about this transaction is kept all over the world. Thus, it’s pretty difficult, or almost impossible, for the site operator to take off with your money. They should make transactions that are also recorded. So, there will always be a digital trail of where your money has gone.

  1. Exchange Rates

Each cryptocurrency has a market value. This value changes on a daily basis. When your gambling crypto is converted to USD for playing casino games, the operator may charge a small fee that is taken away from your bottom line. We’d advise you to keep your currency unchanged and leave the gambling at the tables.

Gambling with Cryptocurrency is as simple as that

Now, when you know there are sites that allow bets in Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, let’s see how to do it exactly. Here are a few simple steps:

  1. Open E-wallet

This is the first step you should take if you are planning to play at a blockchain casino. You may already have one. If so, just skip the first couple of steps. If you are a newbie, you should choose from dozens of digital wallets available. Simply register for an account and get a digital address that is tied to your account. Make sure you don’t lose it!

  1. Buy some gambling coins

In order to deposit and play in crypto, you need to have some gambling coins first! Since you have a crypto wallet, you can buy them online just like anything else. Simply select the crypto, the amount, and you will have it on your account within seconds.

  1. Choose an online casino

Now it is time to find a future place to spend your currency. Read the reviews of sites that allow you to gamble with cryptocurrency. Whatever your choice is, there is always an option of switching to another site if you like.

  1. Make the deposit

At this point, you should deposit cryptocurrency at a gambling or betting site. So, keep your crypto wallet open and go ahead! The transaction doesn’t take much time, especially if the site gives you “credit” until the funds settle.

  1. Choose a game

Finally, you can start playing! Select a game you want to play, a table and stakes level. From there, the gameplay is exactly the same as playing at any other online casino. So, you’d better make sure to read the rules of each game as well as the terms & conditions.

  1. Enjoy!

When gambling at a blockchain gambling site, you need to keep an eye on the exchange rate to your local currency. It might seem like you are betting a small fraction when you play in Bitcoin. But in reality, you could be betting more than you are used to. We wouldn’t want you to get in a hole too quickly, so that getting the most out of each bet is a good start to managing your cryptocurrency bankroll.


Cryptocurrencies appear like mushrooms after rain. It means that even more coins are available for use at gambling sites. The casino industry has been one of the first adopters of crypto and it’s not going to slow down. So, we expect the development of new ways of using digital wallets to fund accounts and play favorite games, or try something new for more and more players!

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