The Corona is Declining in Israel: It’s Time to Rent a Car

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Are you looking at budget car rentals or car rental deals in Israel that suit your requirements but are somewhat hesitant because of safety issues? Continue your reading so you can avoid the feeling of uncertainty.  

The World is Slowly Getting Back to Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses not only in Israel but in the whole world. When the coronavirus spread globally, people stopped traveling and stayed at home. Some employers are fortunate, however, to continue their operations, with their employees working from home. But not the companies that offer budget car rentals or monthly car rentals.

According to D&B data, businesses that recorded a high level of closures at the beginning of 2020 included bars, cafes, and restaurants; fashion and apparel stores, construction and renovation contractors; and transit and transport companies. Operations of car rentals in Israel, specifically, stopped completely during the pandemic because they are dependent on tourism. 

But, with the number of COVID-19 infections in the world—including Israel—already declining, the car rental industry is slowly getting back in business! 

Are you excited to go on vacation to Israel? Or, are you being called to get back to office-based work? Then it’s time to think about your transportation options and renting a car is safe; thus, finding car rental deals in Israel is a must. 

Car Rental is Safe

Are you still hesitant to hire a one-way car rental or monthly car rental in Israel, unsure if it is safe? Experts say that you have nothing to worry about. In an interview by Business Insider, University at Buffalo chief of the division of infectious disease Dr. Thomas Russo said that coronavirus gets transmitted by exposure to respiratory fluids and not inanimate objects. The overall risk, therefore, with car rental is relatively low. What you should do is to make sure that you practice hand hygiene. Always wash your hands before and after getting inside the car. Dr. Russo added that even if there is an area in the car that is not properly cleaned and you touch it, as long as you do not touch your face, mouth, and nose, you are safe. This is why good hand hygiene is very important. 

More importantly, rental companies are also making sure that their clients are safe. They are always sanitizing their vehicles and are now giving clients the option for touchless car renting. Through online reservations, online transactions, and no-contact pick-up and drop-off, interactions with anyone from the car rental company are avoided.

Reserve a Car Now

At this time, the car rental is not only back in business but the demand is high as well. One reason for this is that people prefer this to public transport as this makes them feel safer as they do not have to interact with others. This is why if you have plans for vacation already or you need it for work, the time to call a car rental company in Israel is now. As rental rates are expected to rise, you have to start booking a car rental today as the rates are made affordable. You can also have the opportunity to choose the best vehicle for you. 

If you are traveling with your children, family cars with multiple seats are ideal for everyone’s comfort and safety. Kia Picanto and Mitsubishi Triton are two of the top car models to choose from.

Kia Picanto’s sporty design lets you travel to the cities in Israel in style. The space is excellent, particularly when speaking of legroom and headroom. You can even fold the rear seats to have more space for your luggage. More importantly, it is easy to drive. Mitsubishi Triton, likewise, lets you roam around the cities in Israel in style and comfort. It is easy to drive and carries five adults. The legroom isn’t much but rear-seat passengers can do a reclined backrest while waiting to arrive at their destinations.

Look for car rental deals in Israel now. Specifically, find budget car rentals so you can save more.

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