The Current State of the App Download Market is Booming! 

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In the past ten years, we have seen a rapid increase in mobile app downloads. The most significant change in the App market is that users are no longer downloading apps for entertainment purposes only. 

These apps have shown a tremendous increase in the number of downloads in the year 2021. According to Research from Gravitee, Tik Tok was a top leader in the App market with more than 834,000,000 global downloads, followed by Facebook and Instagram with more than 680,500,000 and 580,450,000 global downloads respectively.

Those are extremely large numbers and it’s evident to see that app downloads are taking the world by storm. Nevertheless, as more people are continuing to use apps worldwide, what are the latest trends in app development and how can people benefit from these innovations?

1-  Cloud Computing Apps Will Be More Popular

One of the biggest changes in the app market is a shift towards cloud computing. According to CRN, it’s estimated that around $60 billion worth of apps and software as a service (SaaS) products will be purchased annually through cloud platforms! And the demand for cloud computing apps would increase 28 percent to $113.1 billion next year.

This just shows how important cloud computing is becoming to businesses, especially due to its benefits of being flexible and scalable. So what does this mean for you? If your business’s current operations are based on a traditional server infrastructure, it may be time to consider moving your processes into the cloud!

2-  On-demand Apps

Apps like Uber and Lyft show that on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many believe there will be an upward trend for other on-demand services like food delivery, laundry, parking, takeaways, and even on-demand concierge services.

On-demand apps can be beneficial for both businesses and consumers. While on the consumer side, users can get whatever they want whenever they want it! On the business side of things, these types of apps allow companies to provide services based solely on demand so that there is no waste or excess inventory.

So, if your business is already providing on-demand services, you should consider creating an app that can help it connect with more customers. If this is not something your company currently offers, now may be the time to start looking into adding one!

3-  Mobile Security High On Agenda

As mobile devices become more and more popular, businesses need to focus on security. With this in mind, we will see a great increase in the number of companies creating secure apps for their users.

 This means increasing efforts to gain user consent before collecting or sharing any sensitive information (such as credit card details). It also means that companies will need to use advanced security measures for their apps (such as two-factor authentication).

4-  More Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are expected to be huge hits in the coming years. These digital technologies provide users with a unique experience that they cannot get from using standard mobile apps or even desktop computers!

For example, let’s say you wanted to try on new clothes without physically having to go into a store. All you would have to do is use an AR app that lets you virtually “try” on the outfit and see how it looks!

With Virtual Reality apps, users can be transported to new worlds – all from the comfort of their own homes! For example, if someone wanted to experience what it was like to go skydiving without ever leaving their house, they could do so with a VR app.

This type of technology will become more and more popular in the coming years as users begin enjoying the endless possibilities that come along with it!

5-  User Experience Will be A Top Priority

As more people use their mobile devices to access the Internet, businesses will focus on delivering a positive user experience.

Today’s consumers are highly aware of what is considered “good UX.” Due to this fact, it has become increasingly important for companies to design apps that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and navigate.


The app download market is booming, and this trend does not seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon. With the increase in mobile device usage, we expect to see a greater focus on user experience and personalization with ads. In fact, we anticipate that the app market will be even more competitive in 2022 than it was just a few years ago!

To remain competitive within this increasingly cut-throat industry, businesses must stay up-to-date with current trends and focus on creating user-friendly apps. This means making every effort possible to meet customer needs while ensuring that the apps are secure and advanced enough to keep up with any updates.

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