The Demand for What Jobs Dropped Significantly the Last Decade, Giving Way to New Ones?

As we improve technology, more and more companies start using machines. The result is a loss of jobs, and the immediate reaction of people is that they cannot make a living anymore. However, technology also paved the way for new jobs. It allowed people to evolve.

Today, we are going to look at the jobs whose demand has significantly declined over the years. Also, we would see if these jobs opened new doors of opportunity to new ones.


For centuries, we relied on postal masters to ensure that we get our packages and mails. When the internet was born, the need for postmasters drastically declined. We no longer have a huge demand for sorting of mails.

Today, delivery companies use robots. Many packages have barcodes, so they can easily be sorted into bins. Postmasters were replaced with robots and software programs. So, is there a new job that replaced the postmaster?

The absence of postmasters has paved a new kind of job—the drone operator. Many companies now are adapting drone technology to handle their parcel delivery systems. These drones are not fully automated. Someone has to fly them remotely and drop the packages and letters on the right porch.

Governments around the world are still discussing how to best enact laws about drone delivery. These drones can interfere with plane flights, there is a likelihood that they can cause accidents.

Phone Operators

For a long time, you had to call a phone operating company and talk to somebody to get you connected overseas. This job no longer exists.

What happened was that people now have direct access to someone’s phone number, and telecommunication systems have drastically improved. Now, you can call someone no matter where he/she is around the world. This was made possible by the advent of mobile phones.

The internet also allowed easier communication. People simply have to be online and use an app to make a video call. There is also no need for phone directories because companies can simply post their contact details online.

Now, the job that people can look forward to is not a phone operator, but a contact centre business representative. As technology evolves, there is a need for humans to help consumers solve problems. This is called the contact centre industry.

As a contact centre agent, your job is to solve problems. There are many kinds of jobs you can find in this industry—internet service providers, mobile phones, gaming like in GGbet casino, and many more. Your primary duty is to listen to a customer’s concern and then fix the problem.


Typists do clerical work, and typists were on demand because typewriters were expensive. Most o the time, they were only needed in big corporations. Many of them also had to type manuscripts for students.

Today, almost everyone has a computer. Computers and printers are now so accessible that only a few people are in the typing business. You can still find them on freelance platforms, but there is not much of a demand for them anymore.

Did this pave the way for a new breed of typists? Yes, it did. Now, what you see are data entry service providers. Data entry service includes research, too. For example, if you need a list of all dentists and their names and phone numbers in a specific area, you can hire a data entry specialist to do this research and give you the list.

A data entry provider can also transfer data from paper to computer. For example, if you have a list of receipts and you want them to be stored in a computer, you can hire a data entry specialist. Another evolution of this is called an audio transcriber. You can send recordings to this person, and he/she will convert the sounds into written words.

Department Store Salesperson

Although there are still department stores, this no longer the primary method for selling. There are millions of online stores now that do not need a salesclerk. What they need are operators and people who will pack the orders. They also need people who will deliver their items or people who will drop off the items at the post office.

One thing that replaced the job of a salesclerk is an order processor. You can work for a large company like Amazon and then fulfil duties from their warehouses. As an order processor, your function is similar to what a salesclerk does. However, you do not have a live interaction with your customer.

If you work in a fulfilment warehouse, you have a tablet that will assign orders to you. Once you have an order, you will look for that in the warehouse, put it in a box and then print the required documents like the barcode and shipping label.

Another that is similar to this one is a casino. Building physical casinos require a lot of money. Today, people put up a live casino, and the employees work in a studio. A single dealer can serve thousands of clients, unlike a normal physical casino table that can only serve five or seven guests.

Technology can be truly disruptive for some jobs, but it surely opens doors for others. As we learn more, we evolve more. While it is a sad thing, jobs will be lost and replaced all the time. The best thing that you can do is to stay abreast of the times. We need to expand our skills, and take the time to learn new ones so we are prepared as the times change.

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