The Different Benefits Of Using Lemon Oil


Lemon oil is an essential oil extracted from the upper skin of lemon or citrus-based fruits. It gives out a citrusy smell and is used as a self-care agent to uplift the concentration and mood of the users and for several other medicinal purposes. Lemons were once considered a symbol of prosperity in the Asian household. It has a sweet and zesty taste and freshens up a room.

Benefits of Lemon Oil
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Popular in the market

The extensive use of lemon oil in aromatherapy, alternative healing practices, and skincare has generated a substantial global market. People wishing to buy lemon oil can do it from specialized shops like Gya Labs or from the different online resources dedicated to supplying essential oils. The worldwide demand for organic essential oil is now clocking at USD 4.38 billion and is expected to reach USD 27 billion by 2022. Europe has the largest share in this market while the Asia Pacific region and North America come second. Other essential oils in high demand are tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil. 

Importance of carrier oils

Lemon extract in concentrated form may be corrosive to the skin and cause harm to it if you are using it directly. That’s why carrier oils are essential – they are non-corrosive, less – concentrated, and don’t adversely affect the outer layer of the skin. Some of the most used carrier oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and others. The safe essential oil to carrier oil ratio differs between the oils you are using. 

Essential oils are considered non-food grade products and hence remain outside the safety testing of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lemon oils also contain unstable elements which can oxidize and eventually cause the oil to lose its efficacy. 

Moreover, the consumption of lemon oil or any other essential oil is not recommended. 

The different benefits of lemon oil

Traditional home remedy practitioners have used lemon oils for hundreds of years – mainly; it is used as a topical and inhalation agent. It is also regularly added to aromatherapy and skincare products. According to several medical studies, the best lemon oil can provide other significant benefits. These benefits are listed as follows:

  •  Reduction in Anxiety and Depression

Lemon oil can soothe anxiety and uplift the spirits to better your mood substantially. Studies on murine models have proven that inhalation of lemon oil can reduce symptoms of stress. Patients with orthopedic surgery showed fewer anxiety symptoms when exposed to lemon oil as an inhalation agent. 

  •  Morning Sickness reduction in Pregnant Women

Nausea and vomiting are two well-known symptoms occurring at the early stages of pregnancy. Lemon oil has been observed to reduce these symptoms of early pregnancy significantly. It also decreased the severity of these occurrences – at least, the intensity and repetitions of vomiting decreased significantly. 

  • Improvement in skin health 

Lemon oil is known to present antimicrobial properties on both bacteria and fungi. It contains a high amount of citric acid – which upon topical (on the skin) application after appropriate dilution, can kill different bacteria and fungal species, which demonstrates its antibacterial and antifungal effect. 

This essential oil can also expedite the natural healing process. A study on rabbits showed a significantly improved healing in the group treated with this essential oil. However, the occurrence of high-quality medical trials on humans is scarce. 

  • Improved Mental Alertness

Lemon oil has a stimulating and invigorating effect on the human mind. Studies on people with Alzheimer’s disease showed marked improvement in completing cognitive tasks involving personal orientation when subjected to a directed aromatherapy regimen. Lemon oil was one of the essential oils tested under the experimental setup. 

  • Effective pain reliever

Aromatherapy with lemon oil often utilizes its natural analgesic property. It is already known to be a significantly effective anti-stress and anti-depression agent, a property that supposedly changes the way our brain interprets pain without going into overdrive. A murine study in 2014 showed the effects of aromatherapy with lemon oil on the response of pain stimuli – where a change in the reaction of the animals’ brains to pain was observed. However, more research is needed to provide any significant data on human subjects for the pain-relieving capacity of the human oil. 

  • Makes breathing easier and soothes a sore throat

A lemon essential oil can become a good home remedy if you are experiencing a cold or are experiencing a sore throat. You can set up a diffuser with a few drops of diluted lemon oil to release the sweet, citrusy flavor in the room or resting place during your resting period. The soothing properties of this oil can help the mind, and the throat muscles relax, which provides physical comfort against these conditions.

Vitamin C and lemon juice are already used as remedies against the common cold. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, negating the stress-causing reactive species of cellular chemicals. 

Extraction of lemon oil through steam doesn’t transfer the vitamin C into the oil – even cold-extracted lemon oil may contain trace amounts of vitamin C, most of which goes into the water during the process. So, Lemon oil is also known to relieve sore throat and the common cold to some extent – however, there is a need to conduct more thorough research about the bioactive agent. 

Moreover, One shouldn’t ingest lemon oil

  • Possible treatment for acne 

The antibacterial effect of lemon oil is well-established, and its skin-improving properties. Acne is a skin condition caused by a bacteria called P.acne. These bacteria get trapped in pores and cause acne breakouts which lemon oil in appropriate concentration can kill. It can also clear the skin by providing a soothing exfoliation and clearing out the dead skin cells found trapped in the hair follicle and skin pores. 

Lemon oil can also provide fast healing from acne breakouts and treatment of acne scars due to its extensive healing properties. 


Till now, essential oils like lemon oil are best used as a complement to specific health and wellness routines – more research is required to utilize it as a replacement for prescription treatments. You can acquire these oils from several well-known and trusted online resources.

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