The Digital Age And Language Learning: Is There A Beneficial Relationship?

Tech development has allowed us to advance in many aspects, both in the workplace and in education. In the days of our grandparents, none of the technological advantages that we have today existed. Language learning is not far behind and technology also has a lot to offer.

Technology brings many benefits to studying languages

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, education was strongly affected in any country and at any educational level. Many educational institutions were forced to teach classes online, using apps and video platforms. The biggest advantage is being able to attend classes from the comfort of your home, but in addition to this, online education has the following advantages:

  • A huge amount of free and/or paid information: you can find a large amount of free information on the internet, but there is also payment information.
  • Different ways of learning: thanks to the different educational materials, such as video, audio, and text, it is very easy to develop different ways to study.
  • Validate language skills: there are many ways to validate knowledge online, this is an advantage when looking for a job.

Artificial intelligence can be used for language learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most controversial technological developments today, it has a huge number of uses, one of the most recent is language learning.

In general, AI is included in applications that can be downloaded to any tech device. It is very difficult to say whether this method has greater benefit than the conventional method. 

Therefore, it is recommended to complement these apps with traditional education, such as Spanish Tutoring (free vocabulary and grammar lessons in Spanish) or Youtube, where you can find many channels that can help you practice and learn a foreign language. 

Free educational resources allow learners to understand language nuances through detailed explanations. For instance, in Spanish, the verb ser and the verb estar are used almost interchangeably. A guided resource can help you understand when to use the estar conjugation and when to use the ser conjugation. Audio aids are available to help you hone your pronunciation.

Classic language learning is updated to new needs

We have already mentioned artificial intelligence as a modern study method, but the traditional method is not dead and has been updated to new needs.

The traditional method is to hire a private tutor or take non-personalized but helpful classes. In general, this method tends to be somewhat expensive, due to the privileges of private education, but it’s the most efficient and easiest way to learn.

Online academies like Spanish55 allows you to hire certified Spanish tutors and schedule online private lessons at any day and time that you want. Lessons are planned in advance, are well structured, and have clear objectives. This is an efficient way of learning a new language. On the internet, you can find many academies like this one, for other languages such as English, French, Italian, etc.
Technology brings many benefits to our lives, we only need motivation, discipline and take advantage of the online tools that the internet offers us to learn new languages.

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